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At Aalto, you get more than a degree. Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business. Join our multidisciplinary community and find your own path! Finland tops comparisons in education, safety, equality and quality of life. It's a country where nature plays an essential role in people's daily lives and identities. Our main campus is located in Espoo, Greater Helsinki, Finland. Learn more and start planning your study path at Aalto!

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Aalto offers eight world class bachelor's programmes in the fields of design, business, and science and technology. Find your path at Aalto!


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Find your desired master's programme from almost a hundred options in the fields of arts, design and architecture, business, or science and technology.


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Doctorial studies are offered in all Aalto's six schools and three fields. Conduct a multidisciplinary research in one of our six doctoral study programmes.


Organisational Excellence and Dedication of The Students Impresses Me The Most.

Organisational Excellence and Dedication of The Students Impresses Me The Most.

My name is Ayse. I’m a second-year marketing master’s student at Aalto University and currently working as a program assistant for Aalto University Summer School. I’m originally from Turkey, and my life as an Aalto student started almost a year ago. Here, I’ll share my experience at Aalto as a student and an employee.

I like that our courses include theoretical knowledge that pushes our intellectual boundaries as well as hands-on learning experience that helps us improve our professional skills. At Aalto, we learn by doing.

What impresses me the most is the organisational excellence and dedication of the students. It feels good to know that I’m surrounded by like-minded people eager to contribute to the Aalto community and the larger society.