About Aarhus University

Aarhus University is more than just a Top 100 university with research-based teaching and numerous programmes in English. It is a community.

A community of Danes and internationals

As an international student at Aarhus University, you will never be alone. You will be part of a group of more than four thousand international students representing 120 nationalities. At the same time, the university and your fellow Danish students, all of whom speak fantastic English, are ready to help you feel safe and welcome in your new home country.

A community in the city

Students at Aarhus University benefit from the strong connection between the university, the city, and its many international businesses that support their study possibilities and open the way to a successful future career.

A community of staff and students

Studying at Aarhus University means taking research-intensive courses, all taught by active researchers. The study environment is informal, and the open and critical discussions between students and professors make for a very exciting and dynamic learning experience. Many former students have told us how much they appreciate that the professor’s door is always open and their teachers are always ready to help them succeed in their studies.

These – and the fact that students have access to amazing facilities – are some of the reasons why former and current international students chose Aarhus University. 

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Vidur chose Aarhus University for the high ranking and the many opportunities

Vidur chose Aarhus University for the high ranking and the many opportunities

Meet Vidur Singh from India. He is 24 years old and is pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science whilst specialising in Machine Learning and Data Science. When asked why he chose Aarhus University, he says: "Denmark, in particular, appealed to me in terms of its work culture providing a great work-life balance. There were also positive reviews on the future job market in Denmark. I chose Aarhus University to pursue my master’s degree due to its high ranking and the possibility of choosing courses within my interests in data science and machine learning."