About Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAIC), founded in 1860, is a top Romanian university in terms of research and education.  With over 25000 students and 1500 staff in its 15 faculties, UAIC’s academic offer includes over 70 degrees at bachelor level (5) taught in international languages) and over 100 master (22 in foreign languages) and 27 fields of study/ research at the doctoral level.Research at UAIC is top level, with a large participation in national and international research projects (FP7, Horizon2020, CIP, COST, Joint Research projects, etc).UAIC’s international cooperation includes over 500 partnerships with universities in 24 EU and 43 non-EU countries and affiliations to important university networks and associations (the Coimbra Group, the Utrecht Network, EUA, IAU and AUF).International rankings place Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi 81 (QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia), 501+ in Arts and Humanities and 601+ in Business and Economics and in Social sciences in the THE ranking by subject.

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Is not just a university for me; it was an unforgettable journey that transformed me as a student and as a person. The professors truly care about their students and work hard to ensure that scholars not only graduate, but thrive while doing so. I gained several local lifelong friends, who have always been there for me. (Marine Makhatadze, Georgia)

 The experience was invaluable, irreplaceable, and incomparable to any other I ever had. I really felt like I was part of something special living in Iași. I felt like I belonged. (John-Paul DeMers – United States of America)

For me, studying at UAIC, means climbing up the stairs of a giant fairytale-like building, opening tall wooden doors and becoming a part of audiences where academic thinking is at its best. Here, under the attentive eyes of their pedagogues, students from different countries have the chance to share their values and ideas with others. (Elisabeta Rada, Albania)

I think that this experience has improved myself , the knowledge acquired in Iasi have extend my capacity to be competitive and some subject have given me more knowledge in areas like marketing, macroeconomic, microeconomics etc. The experience has given me more independence, flexibility to change and capacity to adapt to a new environment. (Antonio Vera Guillen, Spain)

UAIC teachers offer golden opportunities for everyone to learn. Friends from many different countries helped me feel more at home in a new environment. Now, I feel like my mind is more open, I gained a lot of new knowledge and I have more confidence in myself. If I ever have the opportunity to come back, I will do it gladly! (Thi Ngoc Doan, Vietnam)

Romanian was a part of my studies and I really wanted to discover an east European country; I didn’t just learn things about Romanian people, their visions and habits, but also about French, Spanish and Italians – because there is quite a lot of them in Iasi too. (Simon Arvo TITZE, Germany)

My experience in UAIC was one in a million! I found that, aside from speaking English, people were also very friendly and helpful. Everything was superb: the university itself, the professors, and their technique of teaching. I didn’t have any hard time fitting in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. (Mennat Allah Ali Hussein Ramadan, Egypt)

My experience at UAIC has been one of the best of my life! Teachers really involve students in the course organization and in lectures. I had the possibility to discuss and debate with students from all Europe and to travel around Eastern Europe easily. It has been an enriching experience that I definitely advice! (Ilaria Orsi, Italy).

I was treated just like a native and learned from the most erudite teachers I have ever met. The syllabi and the exam systems are both student-friendly, while retaining their wide range of scholarly perspectives. Apart from the teachers’ guidance, local people are very helpful too. İaşi will certainly have a place in my mind. (Cemal Can Ozmumcu, Turkey)

The educational system here is based on students’ interest and self-support, so every seminar and lecture consisted of different discussions, facing interesting facts in our field of study and sharing our own life experience. I met people from different fields of interests and became good friends with them. (Dana Buralkiyeva, Kazahstan)

The professors are all very helpful and very well prepared. The way how the lessons are held is very modern and very interactive. The colleagues are always helpful and very friendly. Academically I learned many theoretical practices that broadened my knowledge in the field of literature and culture. (Egli Bogdani, Albania)