About Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is a vivid platform for business and science in a family atmosphere. It is a hub for knowledge and technology transfer driven by innovation. Its trademark is applied research and development in close cooperation with business and industry. Faculties of Business, Engineering and Media in a strong triad – Through diverse specialisations and practical relevance, the Faculty of Business paves the way for bright talents with fresh ideas, which advance the heterogeneous economic sector. At the Faculty of Engineering, the future topics of tomorrow are taught – from focuses on various fields of science to multi-layered, business-related technical training. The Faculty of Media brings together creative minds in the areas of conception, design, implementation, and technical provision. The focus is on multimedia and digital opportunities within the media landscape of the future. Short distances, modern facilities, and laboratories as well as the proximity to the historic old town and a wide range of leisure and cultural activities make Ansbach University of Applied Sciences the ideal place for your studies!

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I got the chance to study for one semester at Ansbach University thanks to the Erasmus programme. I loved my time here. The administration was very helpful, the classes were very interesting, and I loved visiting the city and Germany in general. I recommend everyone to come here for their studies.

Lisa, 2021


This experience changed my life completely. Living abroad is something I will never forget.  The university was different from what I was used to, and I loved that. I brought something special back at the end of my Erasmus, memories with my new peers, and a new willingness to experience even more.

Valentina, 2021


I studied media at Ansbach University. Even though the city seemed to be small, I decided to go to Ansbach. Looking back, Ansbach and Germany were exactly the right choice for me. The courses were interesting, and I made a lot of local friends, which in my opinion is one of the main aims of an Erasmus exchange.

Tommi, 2017


It was an amazing experience! One year ago, I could have never imagined that I would be able to talk to Chinese students on a campus in Germany in German. I think this is the real intercultural exchange. Ansbach University offers their students the opportunity to truly integrate into German culture and allows them to fully enjoy their time in Ansbach.

Louise, 2016