About Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada is a multi-professional university of applied sciences (UAS) in Helsinki, Finland. We offer high quality practice-oriented higher education at bachelor’s and master’s level. All bachelor's programmes include practical training periods, giving you a head start to your future career. Our alumni are sought after on the job market, a testament to the quality of education we offer. At Arcada our 2700 students and 170 employees come together across disciplines to educate tomorrow’s experts, and to create smart and sustainable solutions for a dynamic professional life. Currently we offer programmes in English within Business Management and Analytics, Culture and Media, Healthcare, and Energy and Materials Technology. Our campus in Arabianranta offers modern accommodation at competitive rents in beautiful surroundings with the sea just around the corner. The student apartments, 610 in total, are close to everything you need: the UAS main building, a shopping centre as well as tram and bus stops. You will get to the Helsinki city centre in 15 minutes by public transport. Regardless of whether this is the first step in your career or if you are already well immersed in working life, at Arcada you will develop skills to tackle future challenges. Welcome to Arcada! It’s your time to shine.

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Bachelor's degree programmes

International Business

"The people is what makes Arcada so cool and different. I met people from all over the world and I got to hear the funniest and craziest stories ever. The international environment taught me the principles of collaboration, cooperation, and communication. Arcada is small and allows you to really connect with the teachers and invest yourself into the learning material. My studies laid a strong foundation for the professional world and got me to my current position as a Content Marketer in a marketing agency. Pretty cool!"

Ellen Kuitunen, alumna

Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering

"The quality of teaching was excellent and the studies had a strong connection to working life. There was also a notable flexibility by the institution in supporting the students to meet their goals. I received a wide range of different skills to choose from, especially the sustainability studies prepared me for the complexities of the challenges that lie ahead for all of us. What I learned at Arcada helped me greatly in adjusting to my current position as the very first Circular Economy Engineer at Saint-Gobain Finland."

Tuomas Kohvakka, alumnus


"Diversity, innovation, and opportunity are some of the words that come to mind when I think about my time at Arcada. The Nursing programme incorporated well-established and original teaching methods that allowed me to learn quickly and gain new perspectives in a fun and safe environment. I owe my successful career as an ICU nurse to Arcada and feel confident the future will continue to offer limitless opportunities."

Suleiman Malikeh, alumnus

Master's degree programmes

Big Data Analytics

"Big Data Analytics gave me a platform to learn practical skills in data science and ML Engineering, and excel by applying them in the industry and challenge the state of the art in academia. The programme equipped me with critical thinking skills to do research and development as well as solve industry problems at the same time. I recommend this master's degree programme to level up your data science skills."

Emmanuel Raj, alumnus

International Business Management

"The MBA programme at Arcada has provided me with many valuable skills for my career development. It's truly a platform for growth and has opened up many opportunities for me in Finland and abroad. I really appreciated the focus on technology and digitalisation as I work with CRM and sales systems. My current role is IT project manager in a global not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland. I'm also grateful to have been able to network and make friends during the programme."

Eeva Kousa, alumna

Leadership for Nordic Healthcare

"Learning everything by heart doesn’t automatically make you a good leader – it’s your attitude that will make the difference. I find the approach to leadership in this master’s degree programme to be very hands-on with theory easily translated into practice."

Simona Dell'Angelo, alumna

Media Management

"This programme was eye-opening. It elevated my perception and understanding of media, its influence, and its relevance to human society. Even though it had to be online, and I missed meeting my peers and professors in person, the experience was highly rewarding, rich, and engaging. What I learned in this programme and by working on my thesis has already brought interesting results in my career as an IP developer and digital artist."

Daniel Farrera, alumnus