About Athens University of Economics and Business

Founded in 1920, the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is widely considered to be the premier Business and Economics University in Greece and SE Europe. The 2021 QS World University Ranking placed AUEB at the top 250 Universities globally in subject areas such as Business, Management, Finance & Accounting and Economics.

The University is conveniently located in downtown Athens, and is home to more than 11.000 undergraduate, 1.500 graduate and 500 PhD students. AUEB welcomes on a yearly basis a large number of international students - more than 600 in 2022 - coming mostly from Europe in the context of the Erasmus+ exchange program as well as international graduate students.

The University is currently offering 8 Master's programs taught in English, in diverse areas such as Business, Shipping, Finance, Economics, Data Science & Analytics, Statistics and others. In addition students can apply to AUEB's PhD program. Our courses are affordable yet high quality, and our graduates are well placed to compete globally in today's demanding job market.

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MSc Financial Management

The MSc in Financial Management is a pioneering program, focusing on the latest trends of financial data analytics. Offered by the most sought-after academic department in Greece in Accounting and Finance, it was ranked 101-150 globally by QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2021 and 2022. The program attracts many international students, and maintains an international profile in line with the latest global economic and business developments. The program’s curriculum is up to date, focusing on current international trends in financial management and data driven financial analysis. The program maintains excellent ties with financial firms in Greece and abroad, and is a top value-for-money proposition with tuition fees starting from 6.200 €.


MBA International

MBA International is a vibrant and innovative postgraduate program offering a personalized, technology-focused and strongly networked educational experience that empowers the future of its graduates, located in the center of Athens. Accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) since 2005 while occupying top positions in international rankings, and with graduates working across the globe, the program is highly reputed by the market both in Greece and internationally. The MBA International has attracted students from more than 30 countries. At a highly competitive fee, the Program is offered exclusively in English in both Full Time and Part Time modes.


MSc International Shipping, Finance and Management

The Interdepartmental MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM) comprises a unique combination of the three knowledge areas essential for those working or seeking employment in the International Shipping industry. This is achieved through a modern, well-structured program which combines international literature, laboratory classes, case studies, workshops, teaching, visits to companies and an academic dissertation aimed at enhancing research skills. The academics involved produce highly pioneering research in their respective fields of study. Business executives are also invited as keynote speakers in the program. All the above are disseminated in the curriculum of the course units to make up an outstanding educational program.


MSc Data Science

The MSc in Data Science, the first of its kind in Greece, offers students in-depth focus in Data Science. Data Science draws from diverse disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, economics, and operations research, applying quantitative methods to reveal relationships in data drawn from business, medical, financial, social or other fields. The program is offered in full-time mode (1 acad. year) or part-time mode (2 acad. years). The full-time program seeks graduates with a strong background in quantitative analysis and informatics. The part-time program targets executives in business and other organisations, with 3 years of full-time relevant work experience. The program is well connected to industry. Tuition fees amount to 6.000 EUR (full-time) or 7.500 EUR (part-time) respectively.


MSc Economics

This program aims to educate and train economists with high ability and standards in the fields of Economic Theory and Policy, as well as Econometrics. The areas covered by the program are the following: Macroeconomic and Microeconomic (Theory and applied), Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Finance Theory, Industrial Organization, Public Finance, Monetary and Banking Policy, Game Theory, International Economics, Environmental and Energy Economics and Mathematical Economics, among others. During its long history (since 1978), it has trained economists who hold academic positions in widely known universities, or they work as senior economists in leading economic institutions and corporations.


MSc Business Analytics

The program aims to prepare executives to be able to optimally combine knowledge gained to provide appropriate and practical solutions to the complex problems facing the public and private sector. The thematic areas covered by the program are: a) Business Environment and Processes; b) Statistics; c) Data Management, and d) Optimization and Knowledge Discovery. The program is targeted towards graduates from Economics, Business, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Engineering or other relevant University Departments.


MSc Marketing and Communication

The program aims to train specialized scientists and executives in the field of Marketing and Communications. It is the first relevant Master program to operate in a Greek University since 1998, enjoying broad recognition in both Greece and abroad. Our specialization in marketing & communication with international orientation provides a unique opportunity to study in English and live in Athens. Apply for your place at a truly international, full-time English programme and get ready for an exciting career in international marketing & communication.


MSc Statistics

The program aims to provide specialized knowledge in Statistics and Probability Theory to enable graduates to scientifically resolve quantitative problems that arise in the public and private sector. The areas covered by the program are a) Probability Theory, b) Statistical Inference, c) Applied Statistics, d) Computational Statistics and e) Theory and Applications of Stochastic Processes. The program is targeted towards recent graduates as well as executives from businesses and organizations.



Doctoral studies aim to produce high-level scientific research, with emphasis on scientific publications, and to create scientists capable of contributing to the advancement of science. Our doctoral programmes prepare graduates for careers in academia, industry and the Government in Greece and abroad. At the same time, doctoral programs are sources of academic prestige and international recognition for both the Departments and the University.


Graduate Student Testimonial - AUEB

Graduate Student Testimonial - AUEB

"I enjoyed a high-quality and ambitious Master's course. The faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful. We gained a boarder view of the shipping Industry and worldwide practices as we were taught by internationally recognized Professors. Also, equipped with considerable knowledge, we were introduced to some of the best companies and professionals in shipping thanks to the strong relationships of the University. The program challenged me to push my personal limits and prepared me for unpredictable ways in my career. It was a truly valuable educational experience." - Ana J.