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Comillas Pontifical University is a Catholic university that has been administered for over a century by the Society of Jesus. Since 1890 we have been training professionals committed to society and people prepared to lead and assume responsibilities. Comillas is committed to the person, educational innovation and ethical and social commitment, and is motivated by the desire to contribute to scientific innovation and to the critical and transforming sense.

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Official Master's Degree in Marketing

The Official Master's Degree in Marketing (MSc in Marketing) is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University through ICADE Business School.This official program offers specialist training to successfully lead a professional career in the field of marketing, sales and market research. The program is almost entirely taught in English given that complete competence in this language is an essential requirement to enter the labor market and develop a career.Laboratories Case studies supervised by professionals from companies to solve real cases and problemsThis Master's Degree emphasizes the skills most highly sought after by companies: Data Analysis, Preparation of Documents, a Broad Outlook to forecast opportunities, Innovation, a Critical and Constructive Spirit, and Leadership. The Program is developed through four main modules: Understanding the Markets, Defining Value Proposition, Delivering Value Proposition and Measuring, complemented by “Laboratories”/Case Studies supervised by professionals, in which students must solve cases and problems, and respond to real-life situations.


Official Master's Degree in Business Administration

The Official Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE) at Comillas Pontifical University, through ICADE Business School.The MBA Program opens doors to a successful professional career in the fields of Management and Business Organization, by providing fundamental contents, typical of the tradition in the teaching of Business Studies (Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations), but combined in such a way that students are exposed to the reality of the Business World in an inter-functional and intercultural way.This MBA offers the possibility of specialization in Technology, Management, Finance or Marketing It puts the most current real-life situations of the World Business scene in the hands of its students, and endows them with tools for solid analysis and actions, fundamentally through experimental learning. The program offers the opportunity to study abroad, the possibility to specialize in Technology, Management, Finance or Marketing and to gain real professional experience (such as through an internship in a company, a consulting project, an entrepreneurship project...). It also offers the possibility of completing an Executive Programme in Business Analytics.


Official Master's Degree in Finance

The Official Master's Degree in Finance is organized by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), through the ICADE Business School. It is the first Official Master's Degree to be accredited by the National Securities Market Commission (“Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores” in Spanish) for themes related to MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).This Master´s Degree offers a well-rounded education and training in Finance and allows students to understand current economic and financial phenomena, as well as to analyze and manage the savings and investments of companies. The program is especially recommended for those who would like to work in the Financial Sector (including Insurance), Financial Auditing-Consulting, or in Financial Departments at a wide range of companies or institutions.Training is provided in the use of the latest techniques for data analysis.These studies train students in the use of the latest techniques for data analysis, promoting the use of technological tools in the professional field, and ensuring a wide knowledge of different products and their management in Banking, Markets, Investment, Corporate Finance and any other area of the Financial World. The program can be taken entirely in English or as a bilingual program, with professional internships available in the financial area, as well as periods of international study abroad in other prestigious Business Schools. Training in Data Processing and Analysis can be enhanced by completing the Executive Programme in Business Analytics.


Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law

The Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law enables students to become Legal Advisers to companies and Lawyers who operate on the international scene, within the European Union, and who have in-depth knowledge of the legislative framework applicable in the EU, understanding their implications and adding value to their work by providing expert advice on legal issues in the EU. The master's offers a truly global and practical focus, as the study plan is entirely design on the basis of International and EU law, and is specifically adapted for the needs of companies and of international transactions.Adapted especially to the needs of companies and international transactions The Official Master's Degree in International and European Business Law offers the opportunity to complete an internship at a prestigious Spanish or international law firm located in Madrid. The internship work is complemented with visits to Brussels and Luxembourg to meet with political leaders of the European Union and attend a hearing of the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Official Master's Degree in the Electric Power Industry

The Official Master's Degree in the Electric Power Industry addresses the need to update the training of professionals in the Electric Power Industry, as well as that of recent graduates who would like to enter this sector. Graduates from the programme are able to successfully face the challenges related to the economic, regulatory and technological changes that the electricity sector is undergoing. These include the development and integration of electricity markets for the generation and retailing activities, and the need to adapt the regulation of these and the regulated businesses, namely transmission and distribution. The main regulatory changes affecting the Electric Power Industry the massive deployment of generation based on renewable energy sources, the need to actively manage demand, and the development of smart grids, among others.This Master's Degree presents students with the technical and economic aspects of the new environment in the field.Building on a background in Engineering or Economics, the students of this Master's Degree get familiar with the technical and economic principles that should underlay the functioning of the main economic activities within the electricity sector in the new context . Besides, within their final Master Thesis Project, the students get direct experience of the application of these principles to a real-life problem, while being supervised in their day-to-day work by professional staff from the main institutions and companies in the power sector, or by leading academics at the Institute for Research in Technology of the University.


Master's Degree in Smart Grids

The Master's Degree in Smart Grids (MSG) is a Master of Science Degree with 90 ECTS credits, taught by the University of Strathclyde and the ICAI School of Engineering, in close collaboration with Iberdrola. The main objective of the program is to respond to the growing demand for engineers, needed to lead the ongoing process of the digitalization of the electric grid.This program provides students with a detailed understanding of the operation and planning of grids under this new paradigm, along with new business opportunities and models that are arising in this constantly changing field. It has been developed in close collaboration with Iberdrola. This alliance guarantees both the practical component, thanks to the participation of industry, and the academic rigor of the courses.The international experience is one of the most interesting features of the programOne of the most interesting features of the program is the intensive international experience offered. Students not only spend one semester in both Spain and Scotland, but also carry out internships at any of the international offices of Iberdrola in Spain, Scotland, the USA and Brazil.


Official Master's Degree in International Migration

The Official Master's Degree in International Migration is taught at the University Institute of Studies on Migration (IUEM) and has been an official course at Universidad Pontificia Comillas since 2008-2009. During this time, the IUEM has prepared highly skilled professionals to develop their professional careers in the area of International Migration and International Devolpment and Cooperation. This Master's Degree uses comprehensive methodology in learning, which consists of combining the on-line system (“virtual” classes and online tutorial tools, such as face-to-face tutorials, forums, video tutorials, etc.) with a series of classes where attendance is required. This week of class attendance is held during the last week of February, when subjects relating to Research Methodology are taught, and face-to-face tutorial sessions are held with students. Carry out internships in Kenya, Peru or Cameroon, among other placesComprehensive training of students is completed with professional internships, which are guaranteed in national and international institutions . Moreover, the Official Master's Degree in International Migration offers the possibility of subsequent admission to the Official Doctoral Degree Program in International Migration and Development Cooperation. The IUEM (University Institute for Migration Studies, “IUEM”, in its Spanish name) offers grants and scholarships to students of this Master's Degree.


Official Master's Degree in International Development Cooperation

The University Institute of Studies on Migration (“IUEM”) organizes this master's degree since 1997. Throughout this period of time, the IUEM has trained highly qualified professionals to carry out their professional career in the field of International Development Cooperation. This Official Master's Degree in International Development Cooperation, which is multidisciplinary and develops professionals skills, also offers an initiation to research, providing access to the Doctoral Degree in International Cooperation. In any case, with this degree you will acquire the necessary skills to work in national and international organizations, both public and private, NGO’s and NGDO’s. Currently, our graduates occupy positions of responsibility in a large number of these International Development Cooperation agencies. With this Master’s Degree, you can will be able to carry out internships in Chile, Peru, Kenya and CameroonComprehensive education and training of students is completed by providing the opportunity for them carry out internships in public or private organizations, allowing them to make contact with the real world of International Cooperation and Development Aid. The students of this Master's Degree will also have the possibility of carrying out these internships, by requesting experiences as summer volunteers in Peru and Kenya. For former students, this includes the possibility of requesting internships in Chile, Peru and Cameroon.


Official Master's Degree in International Affairs: Economics, Politics and Law

The Official Master's Degree in International Affairs: Economics, Politics and Law follows a multidisciplinary focus that favours the study of international relations with a rigorous and innovative approach, while maintaining the traditional excellence and rigour of the university. After graduating, students will be equipped with a wide range of tools with which to analyse the global environment form a business, legal and economic policy perspective. The master's offers internship at institutions, companies and bodies involved in the world of international relations. The program complements the academic experience of students with attendance at ad hoc courses and seminars. It is worth highlighting that participation in the sessions given by the Chair of Latin American Studies held by Enrique V. Iglesias, one of the foremost authorities in the field of international relations. the master's also features an educational stay at Georgetown University,Washington D.C., with sessions delivered by academics and professionals with extensive experience in their areas of specialisation. With this Master's Degree, studying International Relations is rigorous and innovativeThe Official Master's Degree in International Affairs: Economics, Politics and Law is organized through the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and by the Faculty of Law of Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE), selected by the Financial Times in November 2016 as one of the best 91 Postgraduate Law Schools in the world.


Official Master's Degree in Human Resources

The Official Master's Degree in Human Resources is managed by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), Comillas Pontifical University, through ICADE Business School.This Master's Degree program responds to a growing demand by organizations and companies that consider their human capital to be their most valuable, and often most irreplaceable, asset. Managing people, and more specifically, the management of talent, thus becomes a strategic and crucial matter that is directly linked to results in Business and Finance.Development and Management of professional careers from start to finishThis Master's Degree enables students to develop professional skills and abilities in Human Resource Management, both in detecting, attracting and developing talent as well as in compensation / benefits systems and in the legal and labor relations fields, in addition to providing a wide range of knowledge on the main functions of a company, and the technologies applied to the Management of People Analytics. Therefore, it facilitates access to job opportunities in People Analytics Departments, Human Resources Consultancies, Communication Departments, Corporate Social Responsibility Departments, Labor Departments, and Departments of Compensation and Benefits. Training in Data Processing and Analytics can be complemented with the completion of the "Executive Program in Business Analytics".


Official Master's Degree in Railway Systems

What is the Official Master's Degree in Railway Systems?The Master's Degree in Railway Systems responds to the demand for specific higher education and training in the Railway Sector, and introduces students to all of the main areas of work and business in the sector, as well as to teaching on the system as a whole. The main companies of the Railway Sector collaborate closely, providing instructors, practical sessions in real railway facilities, and professional internships, with real projects.This Master's Degree has obtained the European Accreditation, EUR-ACE Label, which identifies and recognizes internationally the quality of degrees in the area of Engineering, after passing a rigorous accreditation process. This process has been promoted by the National Agency for Quality and Accreditation (ANECA) and the Institute of Engineering of Spain.This Degree has obtained the European accreditation EUR-ACE Label in recognition of its qualityThis seal recognizes the quality of the entire training process (members of the professorial staff, facilities for laboratory work, professional internships, management and organization, updating of its contents in a professional context and job placement). Students will benefit from the European and international recognition of the EUR-ACE Label, and the possibility of accessing better job offers abroad.


Master's Degree in Big Data Technologies and Advanced Analytics

The Master's Degree in Big Data Technologies and Advanced Analyticsprepares students to respond to the needs of companies that are searching for candidates with profiles with a global vision of Big Data, combining a mastery of technical aspects (Data Engineer) with wide knowledge and rigorous data mining and machine learning techniques (Data Scientist). In turn, they are able to combine the application of these two points to Business successfully (Business Analyst). One of the most important strengths of the master is that it guarantees practical training by involving a group of collaborating companies in which the students will develop a real Big Data Project throughout the course that will constitute their Master Thesis. This Master's Degree will be taught by Faculty members who are Professors with extensive experience, bringing together the excellence of the ICAI School of Engineering, with the best specialists in companies. This close collaboration with the Business World, together with internships in leading companies, guarantees a rigorous, quality and eminently practical training that will prepare highly qualified professionals for an exciting future.


Master's Degree in Cybersecurity

In an environment of continuous digital transformation, dominated by an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks and toughening regulations related to privacy and data protection, the demand for engineers with a good training in cybersecurity is huge and in constant growth. The Master in Cybersecurity of ICAI responds to the real needs of the different sectors where security is one of the fundamental pillars of the business, in a scenario where cybersecurity directly impacts any sector of activity, size and type of organization, and even on a personal level. This program has been created at the request of the collaborating companies to cover the needs in all security aspects that each sector finds most relevant. It is a master's degree mainly face-to-face, with the participation of ICAI's own faculty and the best security specialists from all business sectors, the public administration, and the state's security forces This program allows you to apply for paid internships in relevant companies; this helps to finance the master's degree and guarantees the good quality of master's thesis, which will have an important component of real application. This program also provides the basic knowledge to qualify for certifications in different areas of security. Hands-on training, in collaboration with relevant companiesNot only it is suitable for undergraduate students who wish to complete their training in cybersecurity, but also, given its prominent practical orientation, is suitable for the continuing education of professionals who already work in different fields of engineering and want or need to become specialists in cybersecurity.


Master's Degree in Engineering for Mobility and Safety

The Master's Degree in Engineering for Mobility and Safety (M2S) allows students to enlarge their skills in Engineering with specific training in the Automotive Safety Sector, as well as in New Propulsion Systems and aspects linked to Sustainable Mobility.Training is obtained in simulation, materials, as well as personal safety in the field of mobility, which enables graduates to work in Mobility Management and Safe Transport, Biomechanics, Design of Security Systems and Autonomous Transport, among other areas.“New Propulsion Systems and aspects linked to Sustainable Mobility are studied” The company Gestamp will offer partial scholarships to female students of the Master’s Degree in Engineering for Mobility and Safety (M2S) at Comillas ICAI, an initiative which is part of the objective to promote a greater presence of women in the Industrial and Automotive Sectors.


Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition

In the current industrial context, all sectors are required to evolve to a situation that allows for the promotion of economic, social and industrial development, under a new social awareness and respect for the environment, sustainability in decision-making, and efficient strategies in the use of resources and energy at all times. For this reason, companies need employees with a technical profile, adapted to a general vision, with the capacity to make decisions and to design strategies that permit development within a new environmentally responsible and energy-sustainable context. The Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition was designed so that its students are trained specifically in this new profile, required and sought after by companies, subsequently making them natural leaders in the process of Environmental and Sustainable Energy Transition. The Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition program has been designed to develop the skills and capabilities inherent to both degrees in one year. Work and effort is permanently guided by professors and tutors. In addition, students are in permanent contact with companies, whose employees participate as professors and faculty members, while offering full-time internships, including opportunities in international contexts.


Official Master's Degree in Biomechanics and Sports Physiotherapy

The Official Master's Degree in Biomechanics and Sports Physiotherapy is the first Master's Degree in Spain aimed at Physiotherapists who wish to obtain and improve therapeutic tools in Sports, as well as in in Research and Biomechanics, acquiring knowledge in Research Methodology. Obtaining objective Biomechanical data allows us to know, in a more precise way, the situation of athletes and their development. It is essential to reduce recovery times and the return as soon as possible to competition. Therefore, the combination of Biomechanics with Sports Physiotherapy provides students with a very complete training that will allow them to develop a successful professional career in this field. The combination of Biomechanics and Sports Physiotherapy leads to a very comprehensive education and training in this areaThe professional fields which Physiotherapists may enter once they finish their studies in the Official Master's Degree in Biomechanics and Sports Physiotherapy at our university combine three itineraries: Research, Sports Physiotherapy and Instrumental Biomechanics, a combination that provides a highly attractive profile for Companies, Sports Clubs and Healthcare Centers whose objective is to improve the performance of athletes.


Official Master's Degree in Palliative Care

With this Master's Degree in Palliative Care, students acquire specific skills that allow them to offer patients suffering from terminal illnesses, and their families, comprehensive, continuing and personalized treatment, in physical, emotional, social and spiritual concerns, by promoting autonomy and respect for the dignity of the patient. The Official Master's Degree in Palliative Care covers knowledge of illnesses, symptoms and therapeutic options from a multidisciplinary perspective and explores, in-depth, the problems of patients at the end of their life, including overall suffering and understanding the process of mourning. In addition, students will learn about aspects related to the management of specific Palliative Care Programs. This Master's Degree is geared towards professional specialization as well as fostering the initiation of students in tasks related to ResearchStudents who enroll in the Official Master's Degree Program in Palliative Care are provided with the opportunity to carry out internships on Palliative Care Teams, and will be able to gain familiarity with different organizational structures, such as hospital, support or home-care teams, in contact with the best professionals, both in the field of adult patients as well as in Pediatrics.


Official Master's Degree in Financial Statement Auditing and Advanced Accounting

The Official Master's in Financial Statement Auditing and Advanced Accounting is offered by the ICADE Business School at Comillas Pontifical University. Its main objective is to provide specialized professional training in auditing and accounting . It is a combined Master's, lasting one year if taken full-time or two or three years if taken part-time.This Master's Degree is linked to important Auditing Firms, which translates into excellent professional internships in the sector, allowing students to understand its contents first-hand.Professional internships with important Auditing FirmsIn addition, this Master’s Degree has been approved by the Institute of Accounting and Accounts Auditing (“ICAC”, or Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas, in Spanish), of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, to exempt candidates from the theoretical part of the public examination for access to the Official Register of Accounts Auditors.


Official Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting

The Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting, the only Official Master's Degree in Spain which is a member of the European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) Consortium , proposes a solid education and training through permanent contact with professionals in the area of Conference Interpreting, and the use of the latest methodological and technological advances. It follows the recommendations of the International Association of Conference Interpreters Best Practices and has been re-accredited by ANECA (the Spanish National Association for Quality Control). Classes have a highly practical content based on exercises and simulations, where both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation are perfected. The Official Master´s Degree in Conference Interpreting focuses on the development of analysis and synthesis, and on achieving an understanding by students that interpreting is not just repeating words by transliterating them from one language to another, but rather it is an exercise in understanding ideas that are then transmitted through a transformation, involving the adaptation of concepts and background information to the natural form of expression of the target language. The student is taught to self-evaluate and to know the metalanguage which is used in the exercise of the profession. Professors are natives speakers with officially validated University Degrees in Spain, and active professionals in the world of Interpreting, accredited by international organizations. This Master´s Degree has a highly practical content based on exercises and simulationsThe General Directorates for Interpreting of the European Commission and the European Parliament collaborate in training, through their pedagogical assistance programs, virtual classes and attendance at final exams. In addition, every year a trip to Brussels is offered, during which students can practice in silent booths at both institutions.


Official Master's Degree in Philosophy: Human Condition and Transcendence

In the complex world in which we live, more diverse and sometimes directly opposed responses are increasingly emerging to the question of meaning. There are those whose insist upon the absence of meaning and those that impose a unique form of understanding and treating the human condition. Without falling into relativism, Philosophy has the task of opening up paths to dialogue and critical reflection on the multiplicity of perspectives that exist. The Official Master’s Degree in Philosophy: Human Condition and Transcendence proposes a radical form of human thought, with all its strengths and weaknesses, in an attempt to critically analyze what might be the responses to the different crises of meaning to which we are witnesses. With this objective, it explores the great contributions of Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics, Phenomenology of Religion, the Philosophy of Science and Language and Metaphysics, in order to develop renewed and in-depth understanding of the human condition and possibilities of its opening up to transcendence. This Master's Degree considers the practical dimension of philosophical reflection to be central to studiesThe Master's in Philosophy is aimed at those interested in the search for a Primary Philosophy that is of the level required in these times. There is a central focus on the practical dimension of philosophical reflection. It aims to enable students to engage in original investigation committed to reality with a new interdisciplinary focus that is sensitive to social context and which can be developed and applied to situations that pose new problems.


Part of Comillas

Part of Comillas

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Comillas Pontifical University, is an educational institution with more than 100 years of history, but we are not just another university, Because, in addition to obtaining a career, a Master's Degree, or a Postgraduate Degree Values are learned in our Schools and Faculties, which are just as important as knowledge.

You will discover that a professor is not just the person who teaches you in the classroom, and that degrees are not only to be put on your C.V. but that innovating is a way of understanding education, and that you should enjoy doing what you like, even if sacrifices are necessary.

Within our walls, there are no borders, Neither on the inside nor the outside.

At Comillas, our wish for you is to be a good professional, but also to be a good person, companion and friend. You are not only coming to study, you are coming to be a part of Comillas.

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"These studies will allow you to develop your talents to the fullest and respond perfectly to the needs of the market, given their international perspective." Giorgo Bertelli 

"Students are brought into close contact with the most innovative projects developed by companies and are prepared to join them." Pablo Sánchez

"A great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, surrounded by excellent professors and colleagues from whom we were able to learn each and every day." Ana Ferrando