About Egas Moniz Higher Education School

Egas Moniz Higher Education School (EMHES) is a prestigious higher education institution in Portugal dedicated to the areas of health and forensic sciences with a long tradition in teaching and research in areas such as Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dental Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Forensic and Criminal Sciences, among many others.EMHES is devoted to the advancement of knowledge, learning and education of its students, at the service of improving the health conditions of global society in the 21st century.It focuses on training highly competent health care professionals and setting itself as a center for social responsibility, heavily implanted in the local community through the provision of medical care. As an academic institution, EMHES activity is educational and scientific, and is supported by a teaching body of over 400 highly qualified teachers, taking part in scientific research projects in partnership with national and foreign institutions. In health care provision, EMHES owns the Egas Moniz Dental Clinic (on site), the Egas Moniz/Almada University Clinic, the Egas Moniz/Setúbal University Clinic (currently being set up), and the Egas Moniz/Sesimbra Senior Residence, which supports the community in the fields of Dental Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Nutrition, Speech Therapy and Clinical and Forensic Psychology. The campus is located about 10 minutes by car from the center of Lisbon, in Monte de Caparica (Almada), and it is close to the very nice beaches of Costa da Caparica.Currently there are around 700 foreign students at EMHES of 26 different nationalities, both attending a full course or enrolled in a mobility program. EMHES houses the local ESN (Erasmus Student Network) office – ESN Almada – and encourages its students to have international experiences, with a view to their personal and professional enrichment. This international profile will further be fostered in the upcoming years, to promote multiculturalism and diversity, understanding and mutual respect, that has always distinguished EMHES, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

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