About ESIC University

ESIC Business & Marketing School was founded in 1965 and has become the leading Business School in the training of Marketing professionals in Spain. It is renowned internationally for its high level of specialization. ESIC meets the company‘s standards and their competitive environment by training professionals that are capable of analyzing, making decisions and acting responsibly in all areas of a company, at any hierarchical level and in any geographical area. ESIC strives to open lines of communication between the academic and the corporate environments by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in all of its students and by fostering a culture of appreciation of ethical values and rationality in business practices. ESIC fosters scientific and technical research, not only by promoting the student's projects, but also by providing means for knowledge dissemination and research activities to persons from outside the school. ESIC holds important affiliation agreements with national and international organisations, both academic and institutional, which include student and teacher exchanges, executive education programmes and a wide range of additional activities.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

Andrés Contreras

CEO Spain, Portugal & Latin America in BestSeller

Alumni: Executive MBA (2012)

"Studying the EMBA at ESIC was fundamental for my personal development as well as for my professional career. From there I began a link as a teacher at ESIC, and a very positive feedback was created between my responsibilities and the world of the school that helped me in an important way to continue growing until today"

Beatriz Gallardo

Project Manager at European Union Satellite Centre

Alumni: Executive MBA (2014)

"The MBA has helped me to have a more strategic vision and to develop decision making and people management skills. ESIC offers high standards, quality, prestige and a very positive experience"

Cristian Sotos

Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (EMEA & APAC) in Gamelearn

Alumni: International MBA (2018)

"The key to achieve your targets is to be willing to achieve them. My objective was not to “pass” the MBA. The MBA was the bridge to my final objective, which was to be part of a great company. The content of ESIC's programs is really precise. Most of what I have learned in the MBA I have seen applied in my company. Having that fresh content is really important along with the fact that all the professors work in the real business world”

Raquel Trincado 

Director of APD Navarra – (Spain)

Alumni: MBA Full Time (2020)

"The MBA that I studied at ESIC gave me a general vision of business management, providing me with different knowledge, some of which I had not known before. The important thing about good management is to surround yourself with competent people and to know how to delegate, since the success of your team will be your own".

Eduardo Ramos

International Sales Director in NOERDEN - (Singapur)

Alumni: Bachelor of Business Administration (2010) and International MBA (2016)

"ESIC is a school that gives importance to values, development as a person and respect for other points of view. I decided to study the IMBA at ESIC to have the opportunity to live and work in a country as different as China. If you want to succeed, don't be afraid to change your life”