About Estonian Business School (EBS)

Founded in 1988, EBS is the oldest privately owned business university in the Baltics. With more than 1400 students, EBS's goal is to provide enterprising people with academic knowledge, skills and values for its successful implementation. EBS offers degrees at Bachelor's, Master's as well as Doctoral levels. In 2011, EBS was the first university to establish its subsidiary in Finland. Mission is to help students set and achieve their career-related, financial and life goals through degree courses and lifelong learning, a high-quality contact base, and experimentation based on practical experience. To help organisations achieve their goals through human resources engaged in lifelong learning and through the application of the knowledge accumulated in and involved by EBS. Vision is to be a top-level internationally accredited community of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing. EBS uses and develops the most appropriate study methods and forms to achieve its students’ goals, based on its mission. EBS is a partner to public and private organisations in the development of new products, services and processes. EBS is a competence centre for developing the skills of its staff and teams and for enhancing their development-driven motivation.

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As soon as you walk in the door and meet the staff at EBS you feel it –people are interested in you, want the best for you and are willing to make an effort in order to come up with the best solution personally for you. 

Merle Antson (International Business Administration BA graduated in  2013) 

EBS places great emphasis on entrepreneurial studies. Knowledge that I am able to put into practice the know how aquired during previous day in school enables me to make better managerial decisions, avoid typical mistakes and look futher into the future. 

Kaarel Kotkas (Entrepreneurship and Business Administration BA student) 

EBS really determined my career and helped me to discover what I am really interested in. For me honestly, doing Master’s at EBS was such a great experience in terms of the professors and lecturers that I had in my programme. 

Dasha Karpilovich (International Business Administration MA graduated in 2016) 

I ended up graduating with not just one but two specializations! But it was not only about the attained knowledge, or degree - it was also about the experience. I relate very much to the improvement-oriented mindset in EBS – “If there is a will, there is a way”. 

Mariell Toiger (International Business Administration MA graduated in 2014) 

EBS provides the perfect combination of professional lectures and social networks. Use both your acquired skills and the network from your experience at EBS, to successfully proceed to the next step of life. 

Nick Vocht (Double Degree Program: Commercial Economics (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) + Business Administration MA  (EBS, Tallinn)) 

EBS is meant for an entrepreneurial person in any field with any interest. I think that it is very important to be able to implement and relate the profession, hobby, interest and ideas usefully and sustainably. 

Anett Kulbin (Entrepreneurship and Business Administration BA graduated in 2017) 

EBS has provided a lot of practical knowledge, a courage to act and acquainted me with many good active young people, who could help to do great things in the future. 

Victoria Tääker (International Business Administration BA graduated in  2017)