About Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1992, is the largest private university in Estonia. Our 1,600 students make us the market leader in Applied Education, yet allow us to be focused and still available for all our students – as we like it. We take pride in our hands-on curricula where learning is done by doing. Our network of partners from the business world, both agile startups and established industry leaders. Our lean organization geared towards making the study experience as smooth as possible. Our VISION is to remain revered, prominent research and development facility which always set on innovation and studies of the highest regard.Our MISSION is to  shape  an entrepreneurial way of thinking. To complete the  mission and attain the  vision, we promote  enterprise-based  studies, applied research and creative activities, pursue regional and international cooperation with local authorities, undertakings and educational establishments and follow the fundamental values of our organisation:responsible  and  caring science-based   and   entrepreneurial innovative and open 

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Game Design and Development is a curriculum designed to provide skills for both mobile and PC games development as well as starting up your own game company. Though the curriculum allows for specialisation in game graphics or games software development, main emphasis is on gameplay, game mechanics and monetisation model design. Game Design and Development is suited for someone who has a deep interest in games and a wide array of hobbies. The most important part is that you have the habit of looking past the gameplay. If you have prior graphics or programming skill to bring with you, even better.



Creativity and Business Innovation is a program for aspiring entrepreneurs, product and service managers, and corporate leaders. Built on a foundation of best business practices, the curriculum will train you to discover and develop novel business models, inspire co-founders and employees and manage a growing organisation. Nearly a quarter of the curriculum comprises real-life problem-solving as a part of corporate internships in different European markets. The program is a secondary field of study in the Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation program.



Software Development and Entrepreneurship program is for you if you want to have the software development, design, and teamwork skills to begin your career as a software developer in Estonia or anywhere in the world. This is also the program for you if you're looking for a solid foundation in IT and business upon which to build your own software company or startup. The program's focus is on topics Programming (Java, Python, etc.), Information systems' analysis and design, Software development processes, Software testing, Business process automation, Web and mobile applications, Entrepreneurship and communication psychology, Projects and internships.



The MBA program in International Business Administration takes a cross-disciplinary approach to build a comprehensive understanding of the international business environment in which today’s managers make business decisions. Emphasis is put on leadership, entrepreneurial management, and building a healthy organisation. The program International Business Administration is executed in strategic partnership with Ülemiste City, the largest and fastest-growing business campus in the Baltics. Studies are conducted by experienced scholars and lecturers from Estonia and abroad as well as top professionals and managers from international enterprises.



"EUAS helped me to embrace my ambition and allowed me to handle my job and my MBA together simultaneously. Giving the fact that EUAS is a number-one supportive of creativity and innovation, I trust that my ideas will be listened to and considered. I had a quite positive admission process; the staff were reachable and very welcoming all the way until I earned my admission and moved to Tallinn. After I already joined the program, I got excited after I learned about my profs and their backgrounds. I admire their unique up-to-date style of teaching and interacting as well! Not to mention how supportive and encouraging are they in terms of advancing academical and personal goals.The flexible academic environment. I was looking for achieving my post studies along with continuing my career progressing; it was almost impossible to handle a very demanding job as mine – a solicitor – and further your studies at the same time in other universities due to their crowded agendas.” Mayyada Abdal Salam, student


"EUAS was the greatest choice for me since I knew they were based in Tallinn, one of Europe's startup hotspots, and they are small and focused, implying that they care about the educational environment and students. I am an MBA student here, and this curriculum is directly related to my career goals, such as the subjects I wanted to learn, and I noticed that the professionals and lecturers were the reason this curriculum is so effective. When I enrolled here, I knew my goals would be formed and my personal growth and talents would be enhanced since the vision and mission of this university assisted me in achieving my goals. This institution is an excellent choice if you know what you want to do and achieve. At EUAS, you will be in a good environment since the staff is always kind and helpful, and you will feel at home, and the learning environment is full of opportunities and facilities, which is the best part. " Alkim Koçak, alumnus 2022


"I’m extremely grateful that I have had a chance to be a part of EUAS. EUAS is a place where students can freely meet and talk with faculty and staff. That helps to create an excellent learning environment for young adults. EUAS has given me hope about what higher education can do. EUAS provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis on fun activities along with education always helped me a lot. I have always found a positive and healthy environment and the teachers are highly supportive. Most of my doubts were cleared after the classes get over." Naeem Hossain, alumnus 2021


"My decision and confidence in pursuing studies at EUAS is bolstered by the Institution's track record of grooming students into successful, innovative professionals with thorough insight and in-depth knowledge in the field of Business, as Business is one of the world's most dominant institutions today. One of the main reasons I chose this curriculum for my studies is that it is intended to promote globalization through education, which is an area of study that I am interested in. A significant milestone I have achieved thus far in this exciting journey with EUAS is the accumulation of invaluable experiences that have assisted me in ascending to the upper reaches, which will sharpen the next ten years of my life's trajectory in the Business world with acumen, astuteness, and agility. I must mention that the learning environments have had a ripple effect in that, they extrinsically motivate students to push out of the envelope and study more. EUAS staff are not only committed, professional, ethical, and hold high standards, but they also have long-term experience and are laser-focused on their goals. I will hasten to say that the value system instilled in me by this great Citadel of learning has been an integral part of my growth, and this has given me the ascendancy in the Business world to model mastery. Overall, it was a fantastic voyage with EUAS, and my wonderful Head of Curriculum greatly contributed to this success by establishing a pleasant atmosphere and reinforcing a comfortable room temperature during lessons. Many thanks to EUAS!"  Boris Achou Kum, alumnus 2022