About Gdańsk University of Technology

Gdańsk Tech – Gdańsk University of Technology (Polish name: Politechnika Gdańska) is one of the oldest universities in Poland and the largest technical university in Northern Poland. It was established in 1904 and since then has been educating world-class engineers in various areas of science and technology. Located in Gdańsk — a city with a thousand-year tradition and the gate to the Polish coastal line – it is the perfect place to study and enjoy student life. Gdańsk Tech is composed of 8 faculties with 37 fields of study, including 19 programmes taught in English. It employs 1200 academic teachers and educates 14 000 students (including almost 1000 international students from over 60 countries all over the world). International students at Gdańsk Tech enjoy unique support, both during the admission process and the duration of their studies, from Welcome Office.

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First-cycle studies (3 to 4 years which consists of 7 to 8 semesters) leading to the professional title of a licencjat or inżynier. This is the Polish equivalent of the Bachelor’s degree. It is focused on preparing students for future employment or for continued education within a Master’s degree programme. To obtain this degree, students must earn at least 180 ECTS credits. Gdańsk Tech offers 6 bachelor courses taught in English: Bachelor of Science in Green Technologies, Bachelor of Science in Energy Technologies, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Science in Data Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Duration of each programme: 7 semesters (8 for the Architecture). Tuition fee per semester: 8 600 PLN (approx. 2 100 euro). Programmes start in winter semester.



Second-cycle studies – Master’s degree programme (1.5 to 2 years which consists of 3 to 5 semesters) following the first cycle studies and leading to the professional title of Master (magister, or an equivalent degree depending on the course profile). It is focused on theoretical knowledge as well as the application and development of creative skills. In arts disciplines, the focus is the development of creativity and talents. Master’s degree holders may enter a doctoral programme (PhD). To obtain the degree, students must earn at least 90 ECTS credits. Gdańsk Tech offers 13 master courses taught in English: Master of Science in Architecture, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Automation, Cybernetics and Robotics, Master of Economic Analytics, Master of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications, Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Master of Science in Green Technologies, Master of Science in Informatics, Master of Science in Nanotechnology, Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, Master in Management, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master in Spatial Development.



Gdańsk University of Technology offers the possibility of obtaining a PhD degree in the Doctoral School, which is free of charge, provides a scholarship, is interdisciplinary and provides a creative and interdisciplinary approach to research. Research within the doctoral thesis may be conducted in the following disciplines: Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Transport, Architecture and Urbanism, Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Technical Informatics and Telecommunications, Economics and Finance, Management and Quality.