About Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia is a strongly business-oriented University of Applied Sciences in Finland. We have close ties to the business world with 100 partner companies that contribute to our study projects and internship opportunities that provide a great kick start for a career. Haaga-Helia embraces a modern teaching style with a variety of learning approaches such as classroom and online learning, group work, project work together with companies, as well as problem-based and project-based learning. We offer a caring and supportive environment with a wide range of student support services available. We provide our students with the skills and the mindset to succeed in the world of tomorrow. Helsinki, where Haaga-Helia’s main campus is located, is a vibrant Nordic seaside city where a cosmopolitan lifestyle exists in perfect harmony with nature. The city is easily approachable with a public transportation system that is one of the best in the world. It is also easy to walk and bike everywhere. Haaga-Helia operates on five campuses in Helsinki, Porvoo and Vierumäki.

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“Aviation Business Programme has an atmosphere, which empowers students to be in control of their studies, to try and to learn in very exciting ways. The studies have given me great opportunities to get in touch with the experts in my field, namely via our various study projects.”

Konsta Nieminen, DB in Aviation Business, 2023 

“Studying in Haaga-Helia is versatile and fascinating. The best part in Business Information Technology studies is that during the first six months, students get to orientate themselves with four areas to study and after that you get to choose where you want to specialize in.” 

Iita Fourastié, DP in Business Information Technology, 2020 

Haaga-Helia provided me with the relevant skills for starting my career. Being able to see the big picture, quickly diving into new topics, finding solutions to solve business problems, consolidating and summarizing information – these are just a few examples of what is appreciated in the workplace nowadays. 

Julia Dolgopolova, DP in International Business, 2014 

Haaga-Helia has provided me with many precious opportunities to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice, which helped me to transit from my student life to a career smoothly and successfully!” 

Debbie Zhu, DP in Business Service Solutions and Languages, 2017 

“The main reason I applied to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was to receive a hospitality degree from the “Leading Hotel School of the World”. Absorbing knowledge from the highly experienced teachers and networking with all your fellow students whom will be your hospitality colleagues after you graduate was invaluable. 

Roope Musto, DP in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management, 2015