About Häme University of Applied Sciences, HAMK

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is an international, active and modern multidisciplinary higher education institution with 7 architecturally different campuses in Southern Finland.Our long history dating back to 1840 has enabled us to mold into competitive and modern university with internationally recognized teaching quality. We offer 8 Bachelor´s Degree Programmes delivered in English, with focus on boosting the comprehensive competences for employability, innovation and entrepreneurship. You can shape your degree programme to fit your future aspirations with cross-disciplinary learning across subjects. Currently we have about 600 international students from over 70 different countries. We offer a global learning environment where students encounter intercultural perspectives and gain international contacts which are valued by employers worldwide. We welcome students from all over the world! For more details, please go to  

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Computer Applications, Bachelor of Business Administration

Are you interested in working with computers and mobile phones and creating new applications? Study Computer Applications and gain professional level programming skills in modern programming environments, programming languages and development processes.


Construction Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

Become a professional in construction, who shares our passion with structural engineering! At HAMK, your studies in construction engineering focus on structural engineering and steel construction. Steel constructions studies include mechanics, mathematics, technical drawings and CAD. Understanding of the structures, and 3-D visualization skills will develop during your studies.


Electrical and Automation Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

As an electrical and automation engineering engineer, you will have the automation and electrical design skills needed in working life. You take full advantage of new technologies such as simulation, virtualization, robotics and IT technology, as well as machine learning in various practical applications.


Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy, Bachelor of Engineering

Are you passionate about engineering and sustainable solutions? Become an engineer with the skills and knowledge that put your sustainable development goals into action. Studies will equip you with information technology competences to develop tailored data, technology-based solutions for the use of bioeconomy production and processing.


International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration

During your studies you will learn multi-skilled competences which create a solid base in international business, cross-cultural communication, digitalization, and project-based working.


Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a constantly developing, versatile and modern science. In addition to traditional mechanics and machine building, we focus also on robotics, computer-aided product design and testing and 3D scanning.


Smart and Sustainable Design, Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Are you interested in sustainable and smart design in fashion, footwear or glass and ceramics? Do you want to learn how to design ecologically and ethically produced products and services? Are you fascinated by Nordic design? In our design programme you can choose your major subject in fashion, footwear or glass and ceramics design.


Smart Organic Farming, Bachelor of Natural Resources

Food and biomass production needs professionals who manage operations with knowledge acquired from digitalised data in order to run a sustainable and cost-effective agribusiness. Your studies will include subjects like: - Agricultural expertise in global context - Sustainable crop and animal production - Organic production and food systems - Sustainable farm technology choices - Analysing agricultural data - Rural development and systems - Diversity in an agricultural environment


Sustainable Technologies Master Program, Master of Engineering

The degree programme is meant for individuals working with industrial research and development (R&D) activities or someone who is willing to work and develop in research-oriented work.


Management in Sustainable Business, Part-time, Online, MBA

The Master’s Degree Programme – Management in Sustainable Business is a degree for you if you want to develop your own insights and enhance your capabilities in order to make informed choices and become more effective at influencing positive sustainable change in your field of business.