About Higher Institute of Administration and Languages

ISAL is a Higher Education Institution in the Autonomous Region of Madeira that offers undergraduate courses and it was one of the pioneers at a national level, with a Higher Education course in Tourism (in the academic year 1989/90). ISAL has its own facilities for the accommodation ofits out-of-town students. ISAL residence is 2 minutes away from the campus on foot. Both ISAL Campus and Residence are located in the centre of Funchal, thus avoiding any additional transportation costs.

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All ISAL undergraduate courses are lectured in the evenings, thus allowing students to study and work simultaneously. Another differentiating factor is the fact that all the courses include internships, which favours the connection to the business world and the labour market. Thus, the employability rate is high, also as a consequence of the quality of ISAL’s teaching.


Mónika Petkova - Bulgária

Mónika Petkova - Bulgária

“When I learned about the opportunity to do an Erasmus exchange, I immediately took the decision to apply for a place that I have not heard much about – the Portuguese island of Madeira. I was lucky that my application was approved, and my journey was soon to begin. Before coming to the island I only knew that it is famous for being the Hawaii of Europe. The moment I set foot in Madeira I was amazed. Going to the university and meeting the lecturers and my classmates was something I was a bit nervous about. However, everyone was really friendly and helpful. I did not have enough time to communicate face to face with everyone due to the world pandemic of Covid-19. The classes were fast taken to an online form. The teachers were very supportive and tried to make the best they could in a situation that no one has imagined would ever occur. After weeks, when we were again able to go out in public, I managed to visit wonderful places, try delicious food and of course … has anyone ever been to Madeira without taking a sip of the famous drinks – Poncha and Nikita?