About Hof University

Hof University: Innovative, hands-on, international

Founded in 1994, Hof University offers an attractive study environment with its modern architecture and state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. You will receive first-class, hands-on education here. As a practice-oriented University of Applied Sciences with integrated internships in all programs, the employability of our graduates is our main focus.

We offer Bachelor's and Master's programs in Business, Computer Science, and Engineering in English and German language. For students with at least one year of professional experience, Hof University Graduate School offers exciting further education opportunities completely in English language.

Strong practice orientation

All professors have a strong academic background as well as extensive practical experience in industry. Teaching is based on innovative methods to convey application-oriented knowledge. As we foster a continuous dialogue with industry, our graduates are ideally prepared for the domestic and international labour markets.

Intensive personal support

We are well known for our friendly study atmosphere. An excellent student-lecturer ratio allows for frequent contact between students and professors. Students benefit from intensive supervision and numerous personal support services such as orientation weeks, social integration events, and housing support. In addition, we have a strong focus on career promoting activities for students (e.g. career talks, job fairs, company visits).

The University’s outlook is extremely international, with more than 130 partner universities all over the world. About twenty percent of students come from abroad, creating a truly open and multinational atmosphere on campus.

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Check out our brand-new Bachelor program in Computer Science! You acquire not only up-to-date IT skills but also proficient German language and intercultural competences. You start studying in English language and get intensive German training so that you can switch to lectures in German later on.



We offer Master's programs in Business, Engineering and Computer Science, several of them fully taught in English. Find out more!


Hof University Graduate School

For students with at least one year of professional experience, Hof University Graduate School offers exciting further education opportunities completely in English language.


Hof University: Innovative, practice-oriented, international

Hof University: Innovative, practice-oriented, international

“The beautiful small town took my heart away. Studying at Hof University is the most fulfilling educational experience. Students here have a strong relation with the industries and professors. The university provides us with an international platform and prepares us for our future careers in Germany and around the globe. Let’s meet in Hof!"
Shuxin from Taiwan

"Choosing to go to Hof University to pursue my master’s degree was a difficult but ultimately incredibly rewarding experience. It allowed me to expand my professional and social skills while experiencing the history, culture and natural beauty of Germany. The lectures were engaging and covered relevant topics which were further developed during my internship. After I finished my degree, I was hired immediately in my field of interest and I look forward to continuing living in Germany."
Ivan from U.S.A.

“Studying at Hof University represents an opportunity for interacting with like-minded people and motivating each other in reaching professional and personal goals. Particularly, I like the University's practice-oriented approach and its commitment on the continuous development of the German language abilities for international students."

Edgardo from El Salvador 


“I decided to go to Hof University of Applied Sciences because it is a small university town. In Hof, it is possible to experience a close connection between culture, studies, and friendship. The town has everything you need and has a good connection by train to other cities.”

Alma from Mexico


"What I liked most was the very modern campus where you can relax and spend some time. Surrounded by forest and a small lake, technical well-equipped classrooms and a 24-hour-accessable library, all these make the campus of Hof University one of the most beautiful ones in Germany."

Sijia from China