About IE University

IE University is an international university with a practice-based approach that goes beyond the classroom walls. Based in Spain, IE University has an urban campus in Madrid and a historic and cultural campus in Segovia. Though our programs are taught in English, students will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish during their course of study. With over 130 nationalities on campus, IE opens doors to an international experience. Students can also benefit from an exchange program at one of our 160 partner universities around the world, as well as take up an internship. These internships, are part of our programs and allow students to gain real, hands-on work experience. Students can also personalize their educational experience through electives and advanced seminars that complement their interests. IE University offers a diverse range of programs that guarantee something for everyone. This includes disciplines in Business, International Relations, Law, Economics, Architecture, Design, Communications and Digital Media, Behavior and Social Sciences, Data and Business Analytics, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics (PPLE). In addition to these, students also have the option to choose from six dual-degree programs where they can receive two undergraduate diplomas. Our 30 international offices worldwide ensure guidance and support for students throughout the application process. IE University ranks among the top 30 universities for global employability and rests upon the pillars of innovation, entrepreneurship, academic rigor, and the humanities.

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Master Degrees

At IE, we offer both full-time and blended master programs that are carefully curated to ensure that you receive a strong foundation in achieving your career goals.



IE PhD & DBA are intended for outstanding individuals with a drive to create sustainable value within the global community, and who wish to be remarkable researchers and professors.

Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

“Demonstrate the extent of your interest in the work in order to learn as much as you can. Working at the embassy I learned that political relations can make a big difference in foreign commerce and are therefore essential”

Rodrigo Ponce de León: from Spain worked at the Spanish Embassy in Uganda. (Bachelor in International Relations)

“As a banking professional, I can say it is extremely important to manage your relationship with the investors. This is applicable not only in my sector but generally in life and in every industry. Relationships are everything.”

Ankur Kapoor: from Singapore working at OCBC in Singapore. (Master in Management)

“Responsibility is what matters. And it is always your responsibility to give the best version of you to your team and to yourself. This is a matter of principle. The principle if you trust in me, if you invest and sacrifice for the team, I will do everything in my power to give that back, and more”

Calum Hedigan: from Scotland working at NosterLex. (Bachelor in Laws)