About IQS- Ramon Llull University

IQS is a Higher Education Centre, based in Barcelona, with over one hundred years of experience and an extensive track record and history in academic fields that enable the institution to offer a fully consolidated and proven teaching method. IQS was one of the founders of Ramon Llull University: Our calling and social commitment involve educating people in an ethical and comprehensive manner in all personal, academic and professional areas. Due to its scientific tradition, IQS is able to offer thorough training and practical guidance: Our high-performing graduates reflect IQS’s prestigious academic standing and recognition. Practical and experimental education combined with ethical values. Internships in companies and career services office. Student support and personalised mentors. Option to participate in international exchanges with other universities. Recognition from industry and society, which enhances the job prospects for IQS graduates. Possibility to pursue Dual Master’s Degree Programmes. Possibility to study the Degree entirely in English. IQS has two Schools: the IQS School of Engineering, which teaches scientific and technical studies and the IQS School of Management which teaches Economics and Business studies.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials