About Jaume I University

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) is the public university in the north of the Valencian Community, a region on the European Mediterranean coast located among the cities of Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. Established in 1991, the UJI has positioned itself as a friendly university characterised by its personal attention, smooth-running management procedures and the high levels of participation of its members in university life, due, among other things, to its convenient size, with about 15,000 students, and its integrated, modern, functional and sustainable campus The close relationship among lecturers and students at the Universitat Jaume I enables lecturers to reach a level of educational excellence that guarantees a clearly defined educational model based on lifelong learning, integral education and active participation in social progress based on the foundations of peaceful, equitable, supportive relationships and respect for the environment. The UJI is also distinctive for the international outlook of its activities, a result of the need to open up to the world, characteristic of young European universities, and of the socioeconomic needs of the Valencian region.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

María Cosín

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Graduated: 2015

Current position: Psychologist at Villarreal football club

"For my first year I lived in the University Hall of Residence. That made it much easier for me to adapt to university life and many of the people I met then are still friends today, 9 years later. I've been working for Villarreal C.F. since I did my work placement with them in the last year of my degree in psychology."


María Dolores Parra 

Business Administration and Management

Graduated: 2007

Current position: Director General for Internationalisation of the Valencian Government.  

"I wouldn't change a thing about my time at the UJI. If I had to study for a new degree, I would register here again, because you have everything you need – excellent training, a lot of facilities all within the same space and a warm welcoming city."


Samuel Florin

Finance and Accounting 

Graduated: 2018

Current position: Financial Adviser for EFPA 

"The UJI provides everything students need to be properly trained for their subsequent entry into the labour market. It offers all the technical, professional and vocational training along with the guidance a future professional needs. For students, direct contact with the University allows them to keep up to date with job offers and information about courses and specialisation programmes."