About Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

KAMK is a proactive, genuinely international university with a very strong regional and national profile. We have over 200 international students from 40 different countries and regions and offer 4 Bachelor’s degrees in English: International Business, Esports Business, Tourism and Sports and Leisure Management and 2 Master’s degree in English: International Business Management and Global Business Management.KAMK is one of the top Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences according to the most significant barometers: KAMK is top in providing expertise, counseling, and supervision services and the benefits of practical training. Also, KAMK has the highest student satisfaction in Finland based on the national survey for graduating students in 2019. Our lecturers approach each student as an individual, helping them to identify and develop their personal areas of expertise. The studies focus on practically integrating education with real working life, and train new professionals in response to current labor market needs. Join us at KAMK! Start small, think big!

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The happiest students in Finland are at KAMK! We offer the following bachelor's studies in English: Bachelor's Degree in International Business Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business. The next application round takes place 4 - 18 January 2023 for studies starting in autumn 2023. Find out more!



Find your dream career at KAMK! The Master's degree will provide you with a deeper understanding of different aspects of business in the fast-changing global operating environment. The studies focus on topics such as leadership and management skills, megatrends, and business conceptualization. We offer the following Master's studies taught in English: Master's Degree in International Business Management, Master's Degree in Global Business Management! Join application period for studies starting in autumn 2023 will be held on 4 - 18 January 2023. Find out more!




"I asked myself what I am really passionate about. I applied to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences because of the unique program in E-sports business."

Lutfil, Bachelor’s Degree in Esports Business


"If you are adventurous and like to explore, I recommend going to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. They offer great experiences and encourage people to connect and seek experiences by the variety they offer!"

Jasper, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business


"I chose KAMK because of the international environment at the university and the unique opportunities abroad, such as exchange and practical training."

Will, Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Leisure Management


"I finished my studies within 2.5 years, a year in advance. I did not plan from the beginning to shorten my studies, but during my second semester I thought about the option of using the long summer breaks effectively and doing my practical training in that time."

Sina, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business


“On the first day of the studies, I was greeted by my supervising teacher, who ended up being the most supportive and motivating teacher ever (…) and I knew from the first day she would be the right person to teach me international business.”

Elisa, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business