About Kodolanyi Janos University

Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU) is a top private university offering undergraduate and graduate academic programs in the fields of Applied Computer Sciences, Business Management, Political Sciences, Tourism and Performing Arts. In Hungary KJU has pioneered development of e-based training at all levels conforming to EU standards supported with specialist applied research. KJU is an excellent choice for students who wish to study in one of the most vibrant cosmopolitan capitals in Europe yet strive for a friendly and safe learning environment that cares for the students’ professional growth and wellbeing. The brand award winning KJU PIQ & Lead™ (professionalism, quality, innovation, and leadership) pedagogical model is highly internationalized because it complies with the UN Compact model GLRI 50+20 Global Responsible Leadership recommended by EFMD WBSCSB Accreditation agencies in Europe and the USA. It is highly professionalized because it integrates global 21st century competences such as creativity, problem solving, innovation, collaboration, teamwork, intercultural understanding with Economy 4.0. competencies: critical thinking, leadership, emotional intelligence, negotiation, cognitive flexibility, knowledge production and management. It has a high emphasis on quality because it meets the European ENQA, the ASIAN APQN and US CHEA accreditation norms, and has won several prestigious national and international quality awards.

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