About Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

University in the Heart of Slovakia - University with a Heart

Matej Bel University offers high-quality university education in all three levels of higher education and in all forms of study in the field of pedagogical, social, economic and legal sciences, in the field of humanities and foreign languages, natural sciences, IT, mathematics, political science and international relations. The university offers study programmes accredited by the CFA Institute University Recognition Program; study programs taught partially or completely in English and French or study programmes enabling the acquisition of a combined diploma from a foreign partner university and MBU.   In 2019, Matej Bel University has successfully launched the Confucius Institute for Business at MBU, offering Chinese language instruction.

In addition to pedagogical, scientific and artistic activities, a significant part of creative activity at MBU is represented by basic and applied research carried out in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities. The university is a member of the European Association of Universities and in 2016, it was listed as one of the significant Slovak research institutions by SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings.

In December 2018, MBU became the first Slovak university to receive the "HR Excellence in Research" award, which is awarded by the European Commission to institutions committed to implement and adhere to the 40 principles of the "European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers" based on the Human Resources Strategy for Research.

In 2020, the international portal UniRank ranked Matej Bel University the fourth best university among Slovak universities and colleges.  On a global scale, MBU was ranked as the 2104th university.

In addition to the traditionally intensive cooperation with partner universities in Central Europe, the MBU strategy focuses on the entire European Union, as well as on the wider dimension of the developed countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), including countries overseas.

MBU students have diverse possibilities for spending their free time. During the academic year, a large number of university and faculty events of various kinds take place. Activities in sport clubs, the university folklore ensemble, choir or the chamber orchestra are especially beloved. Student associations offer MBU students opportunities to participate in events organised in Slovakia, as well as abroad - in cooperation with the EU or other foreign partners.

Matej Bel University has prepared more than 73,200 graduates for the labour market, including excellent diplomats, managers, teachers, interpreters, researchers, artists, sportsmen (Olympic winners included) and many experts working in various areas. MBU is a strong Central European university known worldwide.


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