About Mondragon University

The Mondragon University Business School, through the Mondragon Team Academy, has been developing innovative methodologies in entrepreneurial education for 12 years and has become an important benchmark, especially with the development of the Official European Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN). Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a practical, innovative and committed cooperative university, focused on the development of people, oriented to the needs of the company and society, designed to meet the challenges of the real world and where knowledge and application have no borders. It is specialized in engineering, business management, entrepreneurship, education, communication, cooperativism and gastronomy.

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LEINN International

LEINN International Official Bachelors' Degree on Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation



LEINN Arts Official Bachelors' Degree on Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation specialized in creative & cultural industries



Team Mastery Trainning Trainers program to certify Mondragon TiimiAkatemia Team Coaches


Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

Astghik Zakharyan (LEINN International 1st generation, Armenia)

LEINN International offers the students a unique opportunity of bachelor’s degree to learn leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation

Yoona Choi (LEINN International 3rd Generation, South Korea)

I chose LEINN because I felt that it will allow me to be myself, without any judgements or limitations. Before I was just someone who was just wanting to live the dreams of others, but here I can live my own dreams.