About Politecnico di Milano

Established in 1863, Politecnico di Milano is one the most outstanding technical universities in Europe and the largest Italian university in Engineering, Architecture and Design, with more than 47,500 students. The latest QS University Rankings place Politecnico di Milano at the top position in Italy, among the 10 best technical universities in Europe and within the top 20 technical universities worldwide. Employability Rankings show us in 43rd position worldwide. Scientific research plays a central role in POLIMI mission thanks to the availability of considerable research funds and of several well-equipped laboratories. Famous professionals and scientists studied at Politecnico di Milano, including the Pritzker Prize winners Renzo Piano and Aldo Rossi, and Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Innovative programmes are offered at all academic levels. More than 40 Master of Science programmes and 20 PhD programmes are taught in English; Merit-based scholarships are awarded to the most qualified international applicants. Find out more on the university website. At Bachelor level, Architectural Design and Civil Engineering are available also in English. The Career Service supports the graduates’ employability and the Alumni office of Politecnico di Milano is a point of reference for network of former students.

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Bachelor programmes last 3 years. All the undergraduate programmes are taught in Italian, except for Architectural Design and Civil Engineering that are offered also in English and are attracting an even increasing number of international students. Tuition fees are according to the family income.



The Laurea Magistrale programmes (corresponding to MSc) last two years. More than 40 programmes are taught in English. You can apply to up to two programmes, to have more opportunities of being admitted. Merit-based scholarships are offered to talented international applicants. Tuition fees amount to about 3,990 Euros a year. Thanks to many events organised on campus free of charge, to the language courses to learn Italian and to strenthen soft skills, to the vibrant cultural life of Milan, the amazing historical and artistic landmarks, students will make an allround and unforgettable experience. The employability of our graduates is excellent and about the half of our international students decide to remain in Italy after their studies.



The educational offer includes 20 PhD programmes taught in English, all lasting 3 years. Politecnico di Milano is an outstanding institution for research: it is the first Italian university for number of research projects and fundings from the EU and there are well equipped laboratories and infrastructures, such as the largest wind-tunnel in Europe.




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Some testimonials toughts:

 “Choosing Politecnico di Milano for my University studies was the best decision I made with regards to my career. The right mix of engineering and corporate finance skills has given me the perfect background to take up managerial roles within different industries at international level.”

Federico Muzio - Asia Pacific Commercial Director at Poltrona Frau Group (Singapore) Degree at Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Engingeering (2000)

“Studying at Politecnico acted like a “mind gym” developing the “muscles” to ready me for opportunitieswhentheyarose. I learnedhow to synthesize, to analyzeissuesdeeply and findeffectivesolutions, and gainedopenness and flexibility to thrive in differentcontexts and cultures. Thesestrenghtsallowed me to build myprofessionalpaththrough Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia.”

Matteo Chiampo – Technical Director at Secondmuse (Singapore), Degree at Politecnico di Milano in Aerospace Engineering (1991)