About PSL University

Located in the heart of Paris, PSL inspires dialog among and between all areas of knowledge, innovation, and creativity. With 17,000 students and 2,900 researchers, it is a human-scale university.PSL includes 9 Component Schools and 2 Associate Members and works closely with 3 research entities. It draws on the scientific strengths of all its schools to foster unprecedented opportunities for its communities in education, research, technology transfer, and industrial and academic partnerships both nationally and internationally.With 28 Nobel laureates, 10 Fields medal winners, 3 Abel laureates, 50 César, and 79 Molière awardees, it represents circa 10% of French research and has received more than 150 ERC grants since its creation. Its academic community draws from the full potential of PSL’s 140 laboratories, to offer students and researchers a range of interdisciplinary graduate programs, in all scientific fields.

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PSL Quick Facts

PSL Quick Facts