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Radboud University is a comprehensive, internationally-oriented university that aspires to be one of the best in Europe. Together with Radboudumc, we have created an intellectual environment that inspires and challenges our students and staff so that they can extend the scope of academic disciplines and benefit society. Radboud University challenges its students to actively participate in the academic community and trains them to be critical and committed academics, with their own views regarding scholarship and society, who will take up responsible positions in a society which is becoming increasingly internationalised.

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I had always aspired to study in the Netherlands. Two things that really caught me off guard at Radboud University however, were the beautiful green campus and the research-oriented Psychology programme. I could feel both my scientific and artistic brains screaming with excitement and anticipation, urging me to apply as soon as possible. 


After living in the centre of big cities for most of my life, I always craved to live somewhere less chaotic and more suburban. Somewhere that I can easily find my inner peace. Somewhere like the city of Nijmegen. 


Minh Chi 

Nationality: Vietnamese/South Korean 

Programme: Bachelor's in Psychology 

I think Radboud University offers the perfect atmosphere for a people to grow and explore new things. The students are inspired to 'think out of the box', which is necessary to bring out their creativity when it comes to thinking about new ideas and research proposals. Students are also encouraged to satisfy their own curiosity by asking all the questions that come to their mind. The classes are fun and super interactive, which is great, because you do not zone out. The teachers are down to earth and approachable. They also give the students feedback, which I find very helpful in improving myself. 

Aprathi Prabhakara 

Nationality: Indian 

Master’s student in Biomedical Sciences

One of my favourite things about Radboud University, is that I got to meet some incredibly passionate and kind teachers, who truly inspired me. My teachers never seem to mind when we have questions and always try their best to make sure we truly understand the subject. In addition, teachers are also willing to help us outside lecture hours, so we can always come by their office if we still have difficulty with our courses. 


Nationality Vietnamese 

Bachelor’s student in Economics and Business Economics 

I really wanted to go somewhere in the Netherlands, and Radboud’s Spatial Planning programme really got my attention. Also, Because of the urban planning focused programme, linked to current global issues from climate change to urban mobility. It was closely aligned with what I wanted. 


Besides studying, definitely liked the award winning sport’s centre on campus. Trying some of the 80 different sports they have on campus was great. 


Nationality: Brazilian  

Programme: Master’s in Spatial Planning