About Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Since its establishment, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies has distinguished itself as a learning community where faculty and students closely interact to address cutting-edge research topics with an interdisciplinary approach. The two Academic Faculties, one of Social Sciences and the second of Experimental Sciences, enable true blending of knowledge-bases and expertise that is crucial to providing innovative and concrete answers to complex problems.The mission of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies is to be a high-quality public institution where talent is carefully sought, nurtured and implemented to take care of the world and society and to contribute with a strong sense of responsability to its cultural growth and sustainability, while respecting out constitutional values and equal opportunities; at Sant'Anna School, equal opportunities are not merely a statement of principle, but are fully a part of School's daily practice.

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Sant'Anna School look toward the future

Sant'Anna School look toward the future

❗ Towards three transversal research areas, where professors from multiple institutes can collaborate on topics that are central to our future such as health, sustainability, data science and artificial intelligence. This is a strategic orientation that will allow the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna not to lose its scientific disciplinary bases but to acquire and build a new working method, certainly more complex, but essential to change the pace of research itself.

🎥 In the video, the intervention of the rector of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa Sabina Nuti.