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The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is a European research university based on respect for universal values and academic traditions, recognised in international rankings. It is a modern higher education public institution with over 75 years of tradition in teaching and research. It is a prestigious and widely recognised research university and a member of the European University consortia. It was established in 1945 as a scientific and educational facility for the most industrialised area in Poland, and one of the most industrialised in Europe. Currently, 15 educational units of the University (13 faculties and 2 institutes) offer more than 50 study programmes and about 200 specializations, including the whole spectrum of engineering studies. Aside from technical programmes, candidates may also study management and production engineering, architecture, urban planning, transport, sociology as well as foreign languages and pedagogy. SUT educational units are located in 3 neighbouring cities, which are Gliwice, Zabrze and Katowice, with the main seat in Gliwice. Until now, SUT has promoted over 200,000 graduates. It currently educates over 18,000 students at all three levels of study: bachelor, master and doctoral. SUT offers a variety of programmes conducted in English and a large number of programmes conducted in Polish, offered to both Polish and foreign students. Dormitories are located within walking distance from the university.For more information contact usWHATSAPP +48 722 110 194ADMISSION OFFICE phone +48 32 237 1690email study@polsl.plINFORMATION PACK FOR CANDIDATES

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Silesian University of Technology - Student testimony

Silesian University of Technology - Student testimony

Pavan Chavan from India 

“Hello all, I am Pavan Chavan. Now I have got a chance to share something about the SUT.

On my first arrival to Poland I was anxious how the people will be with me and how the students and teachers at the university will behave with me. But, on the first day at university it proved that I was wrong because my colleagues and teachers are very friendly. They helped a lot. My special thanks go to Vice-Dean who helped me with patience in all aspects. I like the atmosphere of the SUT. It is such a lovely and quiet place.Whenever I feel bored, I just go to university garden, sit there for hours and I feel very much relaxed.

I have chosen the Automation and Robotics course and I have learned many new things here. The university has such advanced classrooms and laboratories with almost all facilities. I will keep visiting the SUT again and again in future even after I finish my course. I am so lucky that I got admission here in the SUT.

Finally, all I can say is - Thanks the SUT!