About STRATE - School of Design

Making the world +Simple +Fair +Beautiful This is the motto and creed of Strate School of Design. It’s not about the beauty of objects anymore; it’s about the beauty of life. How to contribute to people’s lives from birth to death, whatever the context, private or public, intimate or professional? How to deal with complexity, with technologies, with human motivation and interaction in an increasingly open yet limited world? How do we live together?The answer is clear: by doing Design and educating all players within the value chain on Design.For more than 25 years, and out of the vision that a designer will be a strategic player for the development of organisations, Strate School of Design is the French leading private design school and one of the major European and international design schools - identified as one of the World top 60 design schools, by Bloomberg/Business Week or Domus Academy-. With over 4,000 students and alumni , Strate is at the forefront of Design Education in Europe by laying the foundations of the New Design Mix: a unique combination of Culture, critical thinking, creativity, technical skills, Representation and Visualization , Human Sciences, Communication and Business Reality, with an uncompromising focus on innovative solutions for their fellowmen.

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Double degree STRATE - Sciences Po

This multidisciplinary training combine the approaches of the human and social sciences and design to train professionals capable of acting in daily environments profoundly transformed by digital technology.


Double degree STRATE - Grenoble Ecole de Management

Students from both schools can expand their degree in order to earn a double degree in management and design. This enables students to learn how to work with different cultures and develop their skills in both management and design.