About Technical University of Denmark

Founded in 1829, DTU is a highly ranked university and is recognized internationally as an elite technical university. DTU has research and test facilities in all parts of Denmark, and in Greenland, including four campuses. The main campus is located in Lyngby just north of Copenhagen—one of Europe’s most popular and progressive capitals. Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world and the least corrupt, which may be part of the reason why Danes rate themselves as being among the happiest people on Earth year after year.Being a student at  DTUDTU offers 33 MSc programs and 28 Joint Programmes.  All MSc programs are all taught in English and are very international. We have 100+ nationalities represented at the Masters's level and 45% of our MSc students are International. Innovation, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship are key elements in all our MSc programs. Student Innovation and start-ups are very popular at DTU. We have the elite Honours track in all the MSc programs. DTU is also well known for flexibility in making a study plan, group work, and an informal study environment. DTU has 120 partner universities across the world, giving students an opportunity to have an exchange semester. As a DTU student, you get hands-on access to world-class facilities, and you engage in project-based assignments, offering you the chance to apply your theoretical knowledge to solve real-life problems. In addition, you can take part in the vibrant student life. You can join one of the many clubs and activities, or attend the Friday bars and the many other social events and festive occasions at DTU. 

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Meet our students

Meet our students

Interested in being a student at DTU? Meet Laura, Mareen, Anant and Cristoffer - all International students following different MSc programs at DTU.