About Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS)

In recent years, TUS is proudly the Institute of Technology of the Year 2020 and eighth consecutive year ranked the 1st in Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) for Student Satisfaction. TUS is the leader in the Institute of Technology sector in innovation, applied teaching and student welfare. TUS’s strength comes from identifying areas of skills shortage and working with businesses to improve links between enterprise and academia. The Institute is home to 14,000 students undertaking a broad range of programmes in the domains of business, hospitality, engineering, informatics, science, health, social science and design. More than 10% of the full-time student population come from overseas with more than 100 nationalities represented, reflecting the globalised nature of its campus. The Institute’s global focus is also evident in the 250 partnerships and agreements it has signed with universities and research institutions around the world. With the excellent results from recent years, TUS has tremendous support from Irish and EU government, being a great capstone for current and potential students at world class level.

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Thinking of studying overseas but have no idea where to go? Ireland will be a good choice for further study. Affordable tuition fees and living expenses as well as peaceful and safe environments make Ireland an ideal choice. TUS is the place for you with a wide range of courses to choose from, helpful lecturers as well as a complete set of facilities. Add ‘TUS’ into your list of considerations, I have no doubt that you will like it here.  So, now is the time to come here to enhance your knowledge, gain new life experiences, and of course, ENJOY!  

Programme: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Psychology 2017 

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Having spent 5 years of my educational journey at TUS with fantastic course content and connection with the career industry. The courses also provided the students with hands on industry experience which involves working with the Midlands SMEs in the incubator located next to the college. I can say Athlone is both my second family and home away from home. The care and guidance I received, from the lecturers and every member of staff, was beyond world class. I am thankful for every moment I have spent in TUS. 

Programme: Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Digital Marketing 2018 

Master in Business 2019 

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Before I came to TUS, I was afraid that nobody would help me if I experienced any problems. I did not need to worry as everyone in TUS will help you if you have any doubts especially the TUS International Office staff. TUS has world class sports facilities. TUS also provides opportunities to play GAA football which is an Irish traditional sport and it is a new experience for me to try this unique sport. Athlone is the perfect place for me and don’t forget to choose TUS! 

Programme: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering 2017

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