About The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw is a college of new opportunities. Our modern campus, located in the heart of Warsaw, offers students a space where they can develop their creativity, build their career, and participate in diverse projects. One of Poland’s top private colleges, for the last 20 years we have been offering our students courses in Human Sciences, Social Studies and Economics. What distinguishes us is our openness towards students and their initiatives, involvement in their development and a modern approach to education.In our offer you will find fields of study such as:- English Philology- German Philology- Fashion Design & Sustainable Fashion Management- Cybersecurity- International Relations and Security- Psychology- Law- Political Science- Computer Science- Cosmetology- Dietetics- Managment- Finance and Accounting

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Meet our Students!

Meet our Students!

Meet our Students!
We have students from over 70 countries all over the world. We are the most internationalized university in Poland. Our new campus is located in the center of Warsaw and have 30 000 m2 usable space for students!
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Online study is a new study method introduced at UEHS. IIt combines the best features of traditional and distance learning. Through the use of modern technology, it provides high-quality instruction, a high level of interactivity, and moreover a convenience and flexibility unavailable by using traditional learning methods.

If you want to schedule your studying time and location, if you don’t want to hassle about traveling to the university, and if you want to have your educational materials always around, these studies are the best choice for you.