About The Warsaw University of Business

The Warsaw University of Business is a non-public university that has been active in the educational market for several years. The Warsaw University of Business was founded in 2001 and has since enjoyed the unwavering interest of students, by offering a rich and comprehensive course of study in the fields of management and logistics. At the Warsaw University of Business education has a practical nature and most of the activities take the form of classes and workshops. Management Studies prepare the students to manage their own companies, lead teams of employees and occupy managerial roles in domestic and international companies. Logistics students learn about the practical functioning aspects of logistics in enterprises, laying foundations for development of their future careers in transport and forwarding companies.

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Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor's degree is a three-year program in which students study a particular subject, such as management, logistics, or national security. These degrees provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of jobs.


Master’s degree

Master programmes are aimed at students who want to improve and update their knowledge and skills related to the management process. The studies provide knowledge and practical skills in the field of legal and financial issues of running business units, taking into account the detailed organization of their activities. The graduates of Master studies in Management acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage companies or other, both public and private, undertakings.




Miss Maythinee Siritanyong

In March 2020, she received her post-graduate Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The Faculty of Management. She is currently employed as a Social Media Assistant and Administrator at the Warsaw University of Business.

Mr. Canan Dominic Dmello

He was an Indian student who graduated in March 2020 from The Faculty of Management's Post-Graduate Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. He is now employed with IBM Polska.

Mr. Tonike Tsirekidze

He was a Georgian student who graduated in March 2020 from the Faculty of Social Science with a degree in Journalism. He currently owns two Georgian restaurants in Warsaw, Poland.

Mr. Tonike Mindeli

He was a student from Georgia who graduated in March 2020 from the Faculty of Social Science with a degree in Journalism. Currently, he owns one Georgian Bakery in Warsaw, Poland.