About TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities. It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education and the active promotion of promising young scientists. The university also forges strong links with companies and scientific institutions across the world. TUM was one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. Moreover, TUM regularly ranks among the best European universities in international rankings.

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Degree Programm at TUM

TUM offers more than 170 study programms for you. Choose your degree at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) from a subject portfolio that is unparalleled in Europe. It includes the natural sciences, engineering, management, medicine and life sciences, as well as political and social sciences.


My Best Study at TUM

My Best Study at TUM

Lachana Hada (Master Informatics 2014)

“The potential for growth and innovation in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is virtually endless. I studied Informatics at TUM because, especially in an underdeveloped country like Nepal, this knowledge allows me to make a difference and help the country and its people.”


Fun Man Fung (Master Industrial Chemistry 2012)

“TUM Asia offers the opportunity to learn from the best professors in Germany and Singapore. I couldn’t miss this opportunity. From them I have learnt to think critically, to make difficult decisions correctly and to be friendly. The diversity of professors was the absolute highlight of the programme.“


Prof. Dr. Ying Zhang (Doctorate Transportation Systems 2003)

“Doing my doctorate at TUM was an unforgettable time for me. It has contributed a lot to my academic development. From the beginning the TUM Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control has welcomed me very warmly and I felt well looked after by my doctoral supervisor.“


Dr. Victor Hidalgo Sandoval (Doctorate Electrical Engineering 1968)

“I’m very grateful for the international cooperation at TUM, which allowed me to take my ambitious research that far. I found it very useful to being able to discuss modern mathematical tools with colleagues from various institutes. TUM strongly fostered the exchange of ideas.“