About University of Galway

University of Galway has been inspiring minds since 1845 as a research-led university. Ours is one of the oldest and largest universities in Ireland. We are at the heart of a distinct and vibrant region, renowned for its unique culture, creative industries, medical technologies, marine ecology and economy, and our innovation. University of Galway is recognised in the top 2% of universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings. University of Galway is the top Irish University for the world’s most influential scientists, with four of our researchers ranked among the world’s Most Influential Scientific Minds. Research is an integral part of the culture of University of Galway. Engaging with our partners locally, nationally and worldwide, we invite ambition in research and have world class facilities carry out this research. Galway has a larger international community than any other city in Ireland, according to the most recent census.‌ Our international focus is inspired by our location in Galway, a diverse city with a tradition of reaching out to the world. With world class research facilities and a strong connection to the cultural arts, University of Galway is the top choice for many international students, in fact, University of Galway is Ireland’s most international university.

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University of Galway is one of the best colleges I have studied in! Teachers are approachable and friendly. The university constantly encourages students to participate in academic and non-academic activities. I was part of the International Student’s Gaelic football team, showing me different cultures of Ireland. Galway is such a calm city and the best place to get your studies done. 

Swati Nandan MSc (Computer Science—Artificial Intelligence) 

My course exposed me to ta blend of different cultures and international management dynamics within the classroom arena. The international study trip to Hong Kong as part of the course was enriching. I would highly recommend Ireland since many companies have their European headquarters here. It has excellent quality of education, an English speaking nation and friendly people all around. 

Janvi Shah MSc (International Management) 

This course allowed us explore issues impacting the development, implement and evaluation of global business and innovation strategy. I accumulated research, analytical and argumentation skills necessary to formulate, conduct as well as report independent pieces of research. Lecturers on this course were always patient and supportive.  

Albee Wang MSc (International Management) 

Galway was a city of amazing people for me. By that I mean people who care about their nature, their well-being and their species. University of Galway has a beautiful campus, great clubs and societies and amazing philosophy lecturers. I loved every second of my experience. Ireland is such a beautiful country; such lovely people are living there. 

Nalin Alpaydın  

Studied Philosophy at University of Galway