About University of South Bohemia

The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (USB) is a modern public university located in České Budějovice that offers a unique experience in a broad range of degree programmes. USB educates about 9 000 students at 8 different faculties in more than 230 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes. If you want high-quality studies with flexible schedules, modern facilities, helpful teachers, excellent graduation results, the experience of a lifetime and affordable study costs, then the University of South Bohemia is the right place for you. The university offers many highly-reputed disciplines and boasts with leading centres for science and research. Come to USB and find your future! The University has been the centre of education, research and science in the southern part of the Czech Republic for more than thirty years and provides a wide range of study fields including natural sciences, economy, health and social work, education, and humanities. Students have opportunities to study in double and joint degree programmes in cooperation with universities in Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Studying at USB guarantees excellent graduate prospects and the experience of a lifetime in the stunning and safe environment of South Bohemia!

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