About University of Technology, Arts and Design (U-tad)

If your wish is to work in technological companies developing software, designing software tools, as a digital artist, developing videogames, working in animated features amongst other exciting careers, then we are the right place for you. U-tad is the only university in Europe founded by digital industry professionals with an educational model designed from the experience and vision of +25 years. We help you to transform your passion into your profession through a solid education and updated study plans which reflect the demands of the digital industry. With a teaching faculty of 270 professors, 85% being active professionals, we ensure an up- to-date transfer of the technical knowledge, aligned with the latest market demand and trends, together with an innovative educational model based on real projects to ensure a smooth landing in the professional world. We are located in Madrid, in a Corporate Campus surrounded by technological companies, including our own studio recently acquired by Skydance Animation with over 500 professionals from 35 different nationalities working on 3 animated feature films with exclusive internships agreement with the studio. Our 14,000 m2 campus is equipped with the most advanced hardware and software technology at the level of top companies.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

Victoria Vera (BA in Interactive Product Design, 2019/20)  

Junior Game Designer at Novorama. 

I have worked at EA and Pyro Mobile, collaborating in games like FIFA 16 or Star Wars Battlefront. I obtained the Women in Games Scholarship (KING), I went to Norway within the Erasmus program, where my project Last Shark Standing won the NGA (Norwegian Game Awards).  

Roberto Padrón (BA in Interactive Product Design, 2018/19) 

Junior Level Designer at Ubisoft. 

Thanks to U-tad I discovered a completely new area, which I had always wanted to work on and didn't know I would be able to do so. 

lvaro Ortuño (BA in Interactive Product Design, 2017/18) 

CEO & Project Director at Another Coffee  

At U-tad I learned that no matter how often you hear your dreams are impossible to reach or too big, the only thing you need is dedication and finding the right team to make them come true. 

Virginia López-Gil (BS in Computer Sciences, 2016/17) 

Data Engineer at Artefact 

I was an intern at Accenture after which I was hired as a Cloud Architecture Analyst leading a team of four people within the Google Partnership Project. Then I moved to The Cocktail as a Data Engineer, and now I am working as a Data Engineer at Artefact. 

ALEJANDRO RIVAS (BFA in Animation, 2017/18) 

VFX Compositor at El Ranchito 

I’ve been always fascinated by movies filled with visual effects. So, when I found out about U-tad, I knew I finally had an option to study and eventually work in what I was fascinated with. After finishing my Degree, I’ve been working at El Ranchito, in projects such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic World II and John Wick 3. 

MARÍA VIDAL (BFA in Animation, 2018/19) 

Concept Artist at Jellyfish Pictures 

When I first saw the Animation Degree’s study plan at U-tad, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do for a living. It provided me with the necessary academic and technical knowledge being taught by teachers who are great artists and professionals in the animation industry. Now I’m working as a Concept and Storyboard Artist at Jellyfish Pictures.