About University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (UVMP in Košice), fully approved and accredited both nationally and internationally (EAEVE) is sole university for veterinary education in Slovakia. The university offers General Veterinary Medicine (GVM) study programme in English language, intended both for secondary-school graduates and for bachelors in Veterinary or Animal Sciences, Biosciences or related sciences, leading to the title of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. UVMP in Košice offers higher education for more than 70 years and for more than 25 years in English language. Degrees on all three levels of higher education are automatically accepted in countries of the European Union and in several other countries of the world. The university is ranked among the best veterinary schools in Europe due to high level of practical preparation and permanent contact with animals which makes for first rate hands-on teaching and leads UVMP graduates to acquire necessary Day-One skills. High level of qualification of academic personnel, wide range of research activities, employability of its graduates and success in evaluation by external ranking and rating agencies make this university interesting for students from Slovakia and abroad. Study at the UVMP in Košice is provided by 13 departments and 5 clinics (small animals; birds, exotic and free living animals; horses; ruminants; swine), which are part of University Veterinary Hospital at the campus, and various special facilities (university farm; equestrian centre; facility for breeding and diseases of game, fish and bees). Besides studying, students have an opportunity to get involved in activities of various interest clubs: Aqua-Terra; cynology and hunting cynology; falconry and raptor rehabilitation; breeding of small mammal and exotic birds; bee breeding; flora and mineralogy club; Hygiena Alimentorum; Slávia sport club, etc.

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

UVMP in Košice provides General Veterinary Medicine study programme in full-time attendance form. Priority of General Veterinary Medicine study is theoretical and practical training in specialized clinical subjects following different animal species from the aspect of internal, infectious, invasive and toxic diseases, metabolism disorders and organism damage by radiation and other adverse environmental influences. Part of the study are food hygiene subjects and graduate also acquires knowledge of diseases common for humans and animals, thus contributing to the protection of human health. The study plan is designed to allow the graduate to work in private veterinary practice, state veterinary authorities, pharmaceutical industry, education, R&D and environmental protection, or to continue to acquire further professional knowledge in postgraduate study.


Hear from our Global Alumni

Hear from our Global Alumni

UVMP in Košice is proud of its large and diverse body of alumni, who are highly regarded in the professional field of veterinary medicine. 


Sam Morgan, DVM – 2017

“I won’t lie, it was hard work but very much worth all the effort. The teaching at UVMP in Košice was very ‘hands on’ and we got a huge amount of practical experience thanks to the small practical group sizes and the large array of practical classes. The teachers are friendly and try their hardest to allow you to get experience in the fields you are interested in. With the main university clinics being on site it is easy to get to see many common and specialist procedures. The time spent in Košice has been brilliant and I would not hesitate to do it all again!”


Rachel Muir, DVM – 2017

“I didn't choose veterinary as a career until I happened to visit a friend who was studying at the UVMP in Košice. I fell in love with the beautiful campus and friendly, multicultural atmosphere of the university dormitories. It was plain to see how much experience with animals we would receive just by exploring the campus, let alone all the other farms that the university collaborates with. I graduated with no regrets and would highly recommend it to anyone with a sense of adventure and determination.”


Shay Yardeny, DVM – 2018

“Choosing to study General Veterinary Medicine at the UVMP in Košice was one of the best choices I have done in my life. Košice is a beautiful city that provides the right balance between excellent education and leisure. The university and its staff members provided me with many practical tools and valuable knowledge that helped me kick off my career as a successful veterinary surgeon.”


Robert Murray, B.Sc (Hons) Biomed, DVM, MRCVS – 2020

“My four years at the UVMP in Košice were among the best years of my life. Class sizes were small and the instructors were recognized experts in their respective fields. Strong theoretical knowledge combined with daily practical instruction generates graduates that are highly sought after in the professional field. I would highly recommend prospective students to study at UVMP in Košice.”


Nahuel Perrot, DVM – 2020

“After a warm and welcoming tour of the university, I joined the 4-year programme offered at the UVMP in Košice. Although intense and challenging, the curriculum includes many hands-on opportunities and the small class setup truly offers invaluable student–teacher interaction. I had a wonderful experience and would strongly recommend this programme. I already deeply miss Košice and its many relaxing coffee places.”