About University of Vic (UVic-UCC)

The University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia was founded on 30 January 2014,when the Balmes University Foundation and the Bages University Foundation signed afederation agreement.The UVic-UCC has become a driver of knowledge and innovation for the territory, withinternational reach.The Federation is established in the region through its campuses in Vic and Manresa,and its sites in Granollers and Barcelona. However, it forms a knowledge network thatgoes beyond a specific geographic area and has international reach.The UVic-UCC is a strategic project for the region that boosts the importance of areasoutside of the main centres.The International Centre for Continuing Education (CIFC) offers all of the UVic-UCCmaster’s degree and postgraduate programmes. It has become one of the main pillarsof the university federation, due to the volume of students that pass through it, and theknowledge that it generates. Additionally, CIFC offers Study Abroad programs forundergraduate students who wish to spend a few weeks in Barcelona or Vic. This isan opportunity for International students to broaden their knowledge in the fields ofbusiness, communication, design, and marketing. This innovative training does notcome under any of the standard mobility programmes and internationalcooperation schemes.The training model at UVic-UCC ensures full personal growth and professionaldevelopment of students, who are supported throughout their training and providedwith personalised teaching. Training is organised through teamwork between teachingstaff and all other areas of the university community.

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Global Alumni Testimonias

Global Alumni Testimonias

Bruna Oriol,PhD Student at IrsiCaixa 

“It was a wise choice to enrich my studies in biochemistry, this master allows the acquisition of the skills and tools necessary for omics data analysis with a personalized training that is offered by excellent professionals.” 


Alba Gutierrez, PhD Student at PRBB 

If you love science and computational biology, and you do not lack motivation and desire to continue learning; therefore the Omics Data Analysis is the best option. This master gives you all the tools to face up different bioinformatic challenge with a personalized teachers attention 


Guillem Ylla,Bioinformatician in the Institute of Evolutionary ·Biology (CSIC – UPF) 

I recommend this Master because it gives the necessary knowledge to face up to any type of omics data