About Utenos kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

Utena University of Applied Sciences is a modern, student-oriented, state higher education institution offering higher college studies directed towards practical activity, applied researches and professional activities.

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Why choose Utenos Kolegija?

Why choose Utenos Kolegija?

On completion of the study, the graduates are awarded the Professional Bachelor’s qualification degree, diploma of Higher education and Diploma Supplement. The great cooperation between higher education institutions in Great Britain, Bulgaria and Latvia provide students with the opportunity to graduate with two or three degrees.  The cooperation between institutions gives the students the opportunity to continue their studies in Master programmes.
Today the institution offers 21 study programs and 9 of them are based on modular study system with Problem- Based Learning approach. Study programmes are accredited by the national and international experts, theoretical knowledge and practical skills are transferred to the students by excellent professors, associated professors and professionals-practitioners have acquired deep theoretical and practical experience. Very often, some of the subjects are taught by guest lecturers from the most prestigious European universities. The career-focused studies executed under the demand of worldwide labour market. Internships are an integral part of the education.
Internalisation is one of the most important priorities of the institution and over years we have built a large network of academic partners and enterprises from around the world. Utena University of Applied Sciences is awarded by European Quality Award, has Erasmus Charter of Higher Education, Students have possibilities to participate in various international exchange programmes, international projects. Our institution welcomes full- time students from Armenia, Latvia, Nigeria, Nepal, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries.
Students work and study in a modern environment with well- equipped computer labs and wireless Internet connection everywhere in the buildings. We have excellent material resources, including the advanced conference and educational halls, the Centre of E-Learning, a library with access to leading e-libraries and databases. Students have good conditions for self-expression; they are actively involved in cultural and sports activities.