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Founded in 1636 and located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht University is one of Europe's leading research universities. We are recognized internationally for our high-quality, innovative approach to research and teaching.As an international student, you’ll be in good company at Utrecht University. Every year, approximately 1,500 international students come to the university to take English-taught degree programs and other courses. Students work and study closely together, learning to operate in an international environment from the outset. This is essential for scientists and scholars in our increasingly globalized world.Over 30,000 students from 118 countries, of which in 2012: 6,255 are 1st-year students, 1,537 are students from abroad and 1,224 are exchange studentsMore than 150 graduate programs, over 100 of which are English-taught: the widest range of English-taught graduate programs in the Netherlands.

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What our students say about Utrecht University

What our students say about Utrecht University

Mohammad Rizky Nanda Hadju/ MSc Marine Sciences

I accomplished my study in Marine Science and gained my bachelor's degree in Indonesia. A master's Study at Utrecht University is a way to realize my future goal to a link between my educational background and my future goal as it has occupied an absolute college leading position equipped by experts in physical oceanography. Advanced theories, technologies, and information in this university have facilitated me immensely in the achievement of remarkable progress, fulfilling my aspiration to become an accomplished professional in the field of Physical Oceanography.

Utrecht University offers many different student organizations and extracurricular activities, including the Parnassos cultural center. Since I am really into music, I can explore my talent here. Besides, I can safely say that almost everyone speaks English, and exploring the city by bike is awesome as there are lots of beautiful scenery. I have now lived for a year, and still, I am finding numerous great places to eat and drink. On weekends, I can swim in the Lake that can be found on almost every corner in the city of Utrecht. This is such a stunning environment to live in, is not it?