About Victor Babeș University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timișoara (UFMT)

An institution with a 75-year-long tradition of medical education. The Faculty of Medicine, Timisoara, actually started its activity on 15th July 1945, with the first two years of study. There were 412 students enrolled in the first year, and 76 students enrolled in the second year. In 1948, following the reform of the higher education, the Faculty of Medicine becomes the Institute of Medicine, with three faculties: Medicine, Paediatrics and Hygiene. Starting with 1964, the Institute of Medicine consisted of two faculties: the Faculty of Medicine and Paediatrics, and the Faculty of Dentistry; approximately 1,000 students graduated from the Institute in the 1960s. Currently, the ”Victor Babes” University of medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, has over 6,000 students and consists of three faculties: Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, which offer the possibility of studying in Romanian, English or French.

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The educational offer and the curriculum are two essential aspects in the development of our university. Currently, our educational offer consists in three long-term Bachelor's programmes: ■ Medicine (Romanian, English, French), ■ Dental Medicine (Romanian, English) ■ Pharmacy (Romanian, French), Our medium- and long-term educational strategy involves the implementation of curricular reform in all our study programmes, in order to meet the requirements of European higher education. The curricular reform means passing from linear curricula to modular/integrated curricula which will include the development of the students' practical, communication and research skills.



The "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, organizes an entrance exam for the following Master's programmes: Medicine ■ Management of social and healthcare services ■ Prevention and recuperation in cardiopulmonary disorders ■ Clinical and community nutrition ■ Management of perinatal healthcare Pharmacy ■ OTC drugs, food supplements, cosmetics ■ Formulation and evaluation of dermato-cosmetic product Dental medicine ■ Lasers in dental medicine



The "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, has been accredited as an Institution Organising Doctoral Studies. Cycle: PhD programmes with full-time attendance Type: PhD in the fields of : Medicine / Dental medicine / Pharmacy Credits: total number of obligatory credit points/year - 60 / Duration: 4 years Available courses for the academic year: ■The ethics of scientific research ■Grants and European projects ■The methodology of scientific research ■Medical informatics and biostatistics ■Documenting and writing a PhD thesis ■The public presentation of the results of a scientific research ■How to build an experimental model ■Bio-informatics, applications in genomics Opportunities for PhD students: internal scholarship system, research grants.